A Fix is Coming For Warzone’s Hunt for Adler Event Tracking

Season 3 of Warzone has been off to a flying start. The new map and weapons that we’ve gotten access to have kept me busy, at the very least. 

Not everything is rosy, though, with several players reporting that their Hunt for Adler event tracker is broken. With the event coming to a close, time is running out to complete the three challenges. The Devs have heard your outcry, though, and a fix is coming. 

Warzone Devs Say a Fix for Hunt for Adler Bug is Coming

On April 23rd, Raven Software added a note on its official Trello board regarding a fix for the irritating bug. This is both an acknowledgment of the issue and a confirmation that a fix for it is in the works. 

The card on the board reads, “We’re investigating several issues related to this event. Players are noticing that, in some cases, Challenge completion is not tracking. Players are also finding that intel is spawning outside of the playable map area.”

While I haven’t had the misfortune to run into any of these bugs myself, I could only imagine the frustration that some players are feeling, so the news that a fix is on the way should come as a relief.