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Call of Duty Warzone player spams gas masks to victory

They say Call of Duty Warzone is not pay-to-win, but one player proves otherwise. A Reddit user by the name of Schmayward found himself in the end-game of a Battle Royale. His teammates were down, and he was up against a team armed with RPGs.

Rather than give up and lose the game, Schmayward came up with a genius idea. While the gas was quickly closing in, he found himself next to a Buy Station. He could not revive his teammates, because they would likely die to the gas.

Instead, he decided he would buy a few gas masks and hang out next to the Buy Station and try his luck. Schmayward bought gas mask after gas mask, finally using up all his money after the third one.

He survived for long enough to outlive the enemy team, and ultimately got the victory. This play brings a new meaning to the term “pay to win”.

Pay To Win from r/CODWarzone

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