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Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Codes

With the latest season of Call of Duty Warzone in full swing, players can still find all six of the secret bunkers. Here are all six of the Call of Duty Warzone Bunker codes and locations.

The following bunkers are ordered in a clockwise rotation around the map starting at the top right corner. They are not ordered by loot quality but the 3 primary military bunkers all have the best loot.

TV Station Shack

Code 27495810

The TV station bunker is just a stand-alone shack located southeast of the TV station. It’s a small bunker with a small amount of loot.

Farmland Barn

Code 49285163

The Farmland Barn bunker is located inside the big barn at the Farmland. Find the barn with the two big red roasters on the front. Enter the barn and make a right. The bunker door is right around the corner.

Prison Shack

Code 72948531

The Prison Shack bunker is located just south west of the prison in an open field. It’s easy to spot but has less loot than the other bunkers.

Bunker 10 **Best**

Code 60274513

Out of all of the Call of Duty Warzone bunker codes, Bunker 10 is the best. It usually has a ton of loot and is located south of the Park right on the road along the coastline. Enter the through the main bunker door and head right down the stairs to the code terminal.

Bunker 01

Code 97264138

Bunker 01 is another high loot bunker located along the west border of the map southwest of the Boneyard. Just enter through the main bunker door and head down the stairs to access the code terminal.

Bunker 03

Code 87624851

Bunker 03 is the last high loot bunker which is located alongside two other bunker doors northwest of the Boneyard. Face all three bunker doors and enter the rightmost door. Turn right and head down the ladder. The access terminal will be down the stairs.

There you have it, all the Call of Duty Warzone Bunker codes and locations. We will keep you all updated should anything change with new updates and seasons.

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