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Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale Buy Back Solos

The new season five patch is now live in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. There are several new changes, including a couple of brand new modes. One, in particular, is the Call of Duty Battle Royale Buy Back Solos. Traditionally, once you die in Warzone, you’d go into the gulag and try to win your match to redeploy. With this new mode, things get shaken up a bit. Here’s how it works.

Call of Duty Battle Royale Buy Back Solos

In CoD BR Buy Back Solos, there is no gulag in the game. Players start with a total of $4,500 cash. Dying within the first twenty-minutes with at least $4,500 cash on your person respawns you into the game immediately. You have a new random drop-in zone and a second chance at victory after the buyback.

The new CoD BR Buy Back provides a way for solo players to get a little more playtime if they die early. There are many opportunities to get revived and redeploy when playing in squad games, so the new game mode makes sense. Keep in mind that if you die after the twenty-minute timer expires, you can no longer buyback. 

It’s good to conserve your money and treat the $4,500 cash as the bare minimum. Spending that cash on something at the Buy Station could result in your demise. Pay attention to the twenty-minute timer, and plan your strategy accordingly. 

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