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Burning Crusade Classic: Flying Mount Cost and Trainer Locations

Burning Crusade Classic: Flying Mount cost and trainer locations

Burning Crusade Classic opens up the ability for a new type of riding skill, allowing players to take to the skies and ride flying mounts. Flying mounts are a much more convenient way to get around, as you can fly over any obstacles and get from point a to point b much more quickly. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how much a flying mount costs in Burning Crusade Classic, where to train the riding skills, and everything else you need to know.

How much does a flying mount cost in Burning Crusade Classic?

The price of a flying mount in Burning Crusade Classic varies depending on the rarity of the mount and the riding skill you want to train. Expert riding skill is 800 gold, and Artisan riding skill is 5,000 gold. The rare mount, which requires expert riding skill and grants 60% speed, costs 100 gold. The epic mount, which requires artisan riding skill and grants 280% speed, costs 200 gold.

Here is a breakdown of the flying mount cost in Burning Crusade Classic:

Mount QualityRiding SkillRiding Skill CostMount CostTotal Cost
Rare (60% speed)Expert800 Gold100 Gold900 Gold
Epic (280% speed)Artisan5,000 Gold200 Gold5,200 Gold

Burning Crusade Classic flying mounts require level 70, aside from Druids, who can fly at level 68 using Flight Form, a new shapeshift. Druids can train Flight Form from their class trainers for only 8 gold and 60 silver, as long as they know Journeyman Riding, which is a requirement for riding epic ground mounts.

Where to train riding skill and purchase flying mounts in Burning Crusade Classic

There are two flying trainers in Burning Crusade Classic:

  • Ilsa Blusterbrew: Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance)
  • Olrokk: Shadowmoon Village in Shadowmoon Valley (Horde)

There are also a Windrider Keeper and Gryphon Keeper next to the trainers in Shadowmoon Valley, which is where you can purchase the actual flying mounts in Burning Crusade Classic.

Alliance Flying MountsHorde Flying Mounts
Golden GryphonTawny Windrider
Ebon GryphonBlue Windrider
Snowy GryphonGreen Windrider
Swift Blue GryphonSwift Red Windrider
Swift Red GryphonSwift Green Windrider
Swift Green GryphonSwift Yellow Windrider
Swift Purple GryphonSwift Purple Windrider

Now you know where to grab your Flying Mount in Burning Crusade Classic, and how much it will cost you. Unfortunately, there is no discount for faction reputation. There is also no easy way to go about accumulating the 5,000 Gold required for an epic flying mount, but if we come up with a guide we’ll link it here.

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