Brawlhalla: Which Legends Trained with Lin Fei?

Brawlhalla: Which Legends Trained with Lin Fei?

I love when fighting games have lots of lore behind them, which is probably why I like the Guilty Gear games, come to think of it. Obviously, the crux of a fighting game is dudes beating the snot out of each other, but it’s just kinda nice to know there’s a little more going on in the background of it all, especially in the rare instance that the game actually expects you to know about it. I’ll bet you’ll wish you had read all of the supplementary material then. On that note, which Legends trained with Lin Fei in Brawlhalla?

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As part of the Week 10 challenges in Brawlhalla, players need to win six matches as the characters (also known as Legends) who learned some of their moves from the Legend Lin Fei. According to Brawlhalla’s lore, Lin Fei’s incredible style of martial arts has made her a very popular training buddy for several of the game’s most potent combatants. Thing is, though, the game isn’t exactly upfront with the identities of these Legends, so if you wanted to know, you’d need to read through all of that lore.

Brawlhalla: Which Legends Trained with Lin Fei?

Much as I relish a good lore dive, not everyone has the time for that, so in the interest of getting that challenge done before the end of the week, here are the five Legends that trained with Lin Fei:

  1. Wu Shang: Lin Fei gave him a few pointers on his Fist of Fire.
  2. Cassidy: She developed her Tornado move with Lin Fei’s help.
  3. Azoth: Azoth’s Shrieking Skulls came about from Lin Fei’s tutelage.
  4. Sir Roland. Roland’s Flaming Horse was all Lin Fei.
  5. Thatch: Lin Fei taught him to summon forth his Spirit Shark.

There you have it; the complete list of legends that have trained with Lin Fei in Brawlhalla.

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