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How to Add Friends in Brawlhalla

How to Add Friends in Brawlhalla

Fighting games, both casual and pro, are best enjoyed in the company of friends. Party fighters like Brawlhalla, in particular, are designed for the ol’ couch party multiplayer, though you can just as easily play with your friends online. If you meet someone new while playing, you should add them as a friend so you can play again sometime. Here’s how to add friends in Brawlhalla.

Your ability to add friends to a dedicated list in Brawlhalla is heavily dependent on the platform that you’re playing the game on.

How to Add Friends in Brawlhalla

To add friends in Brawlhalla on Steam, right-click on a player’s name after a match and send them a friend invite. The process is the same on any other platform you’re playing on. Things get a little trickier, however, when you factor crossplay into the mix.

Brawlhalla features full crossplay functionality, so anyone on any platform can play with anyone else on any other platform. This is definitely a good thing overall, but it can complicate the friend-adding process. If the person you want to befriend is playing through a different platform, you can’t add them to the friends list on your platform, because as far as your platform is concerned, they don’t exist. 

That said, while you can’t add crossplay players to a dedicated friends list, you can still keep in contact with them. Whenever you launch your own Brawlhalla multiplayer lobby, you should receive a unique room ID located above the character select menu. If you send this ID to someone through an external messaging medium like Discord, they can use it to connect directly to your lobby. You can also use this to source players from social media platforms like Reddit.

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