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All Legendary Skins and Events in Winter Brawlhallidays – Brawlhalla

Get ready to brawl.

As the holidays roll around, some games have special in game events to celebrate. Brawlhalla is no exception with the Brawlhallidays event. Going on for a few years now Brawlhallidays celebrates players beating each other up during the holidays. Offering exclusive skins and cosmetics tied to the event, players look forward to new additions added to the game. Not only that, but Brawlhalla even has a snowball fight mode for players to enjoy. We’ll be going over what to expect from this event, from gameplay to cosmetics.

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Events in Brawlhallidays

Since the holidays are about giving, Brawlhallidays does just that for their players. Logging in everyday during the Brawlhallidays event will net players 250 credits to spend. As well as earning a the title “Holly Jolly Brawler” when logging in the first time during the event. The UI of Brawlhalla is overtaken with snow, as well as all of the maps in game.

Speaking of snow, the featured Brawl of the Week will be Stay Frosty for the duration of Brawlhallidays. In this timed mode, players will fight with a whopping one hundred and fifty percent increase in damage. Not only that, but snowball items will be available to be thrown by four players. One point can be earned by hitting an opponent with a snowball, and a point can be lost by being knocked out. However, players can earn three points by knocking out other players in this three minute brawl

Purchasable items in Brawlhallidays

Everyone knows the main reason for events like these is to sell cosmetics, and Brawlhallidays delivers. This year, Brawlhalla offers two new skins for Brawlhallidays adding to 14 holiday cosmetics for playable characters

New Skins:

  • Jaeyun – Snowdrift Jaeyun
  • Caspian – Diamond Jack Caspian

Returning Skins:

  • Thatch – Secret Santa
  • Ragnir – Forest Guardian
  • Kor – Snowman
  • Gnash – Reindeer Games
  • Wu Shang – Santa
  • Val – Nutcracker
  • Ember – Holly Jolly
  • Teros – Wreck the Halls
  • Bödvar – Nutcracker
  • Onyx – Festive Yeti
  • Cassidy – Nutcracker
  • Nix – White Out
  • Artemis – Future Spirit
  • Cross – Krampus

Other things available for purchase are the Frostbite KO effect, Winter Daggers weapon skin, a new snowball juggling emote, and winter themed avatars. As well as a red, green, and white color palate for every character.

There is also a yearly exclusive podium for sale at Mallhalla. Unlike other cosmetics, each podium is unique to the year, and once gone will not be for sale again.

Hopefully this guide to Brawlhallidays event in Brawlhalla helps set expectations for the event. For even more in depth coverage and conversation, look at our Facebook. There are also guides on How to Link Your Brawlhalla Accounts and How to Add Friends in Brawlhalla