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New Fruits in Blox Fruits Update 17 – Soul

Learn how to use the new Soul Fruit in Blox Fruits Update 17.
New Fruits Blox Fruit Update 17

Blox Fruits Update 17 is finally here, and there are tons of great additions. You can read the complete changelog below, but we are primarily interested in the new fruits. At the moment, the latest fruit addition is the Soul Fruit—a very artistic and creative fruit with some interesting game mechanics. Read on to learn about all the new Soul Fruit moves.

New Blox Fruits updates usually come with new codes. Keep an eye out on our Blox Fruits codes page for updates.

Soul Fruit Guide in Update 17

The Soul Fruit is the newest fruit added in Blox Fruits Update 17. You can wait for the Soul fruit to come in stock or pay 2,550 Robux and get it right away. When you equip this fruit, a sun and cloud will appear on either side of you. The Soul Fruit comes with five different moves.

Soul Fruit

Soul Snatcher – Mas. 1 [Z]

When you execute the [Z] Soul Snatcher move, you will fly towards your mouse position on your cloud and snatch the soul of an enemy. The captured souls will be displayed on the right above your mastery level. 

Left-clicking will summon a plant on your mouse position and consume a soul. Three different plants can be summoned, and which one you get is random.

  • Toxic Flower: Gives off Poisonous AOE Gas, damaging all enemies in the area.
  • Cursed Tree: Stuns enemies for a short time by grabbing them with its roots.
  • Lollipop: Heals you after taking damage. The heal is on a cooldown.

Wrath of Ra – Mas. 150 [X]

With [X], you invoke the Wrath of Ra and send your sun forward towards your enemy. Once there, the sun explodes into a giant pillar of fire, damaging enemies and applying a burn DOT.

Outraged Raijn – Mas. 250 [C]

With [C], you will jump onto your cloud and unleash a full circle shockwave around you, stunning all enemies touched by it.

End of Times – Mas. 350 [V]

A visually rewarding move, hitting [V] will perform the End of Times. Your cloud will shoot lighting while your sun will simultaneously shoot fireballs at your mouse location. The fireballs will knockback, and the lighting will stun. This move will utilize your meter. If your meter is blue, you will be calm, and the cloud will be stronger. If your meter is red, you will be angry, and the sun will be stronger.

Sky Ruler – Mas. 75 [F]

Sky Ruler [F] is a mobility move. Depending on your meter, you will either jump on the sun or the cloud and fly.

Soul Fruit Moves

Blox Fruits Update 17 Change Log

    • Collect candy by defeating enemies around your level, and trade them for special rewards!
    • NPCs added to ALL seas:
      • Santa Claws (LIMITED TIME ITEMS):
        • Elf Hat
        • Santa Hat
        • Christmas Ship
      • Magic Elf:
        • 2x EXP (15 min.)
        • Stats Refund
        • Race Reroll
      • Greedy Elf (Second and third sea only):
        • Fragments
  • Increased Level Capacity to 2200.
  • New island added (Peanut Land):
    • Level 2075 > 2125.
  • New island added (Ice Cream Land):
    • Level 2125 > 2200.
    • Defeat the queen for a rare drop!
  • Added a new high tier fruit (Soul):
    • Build up your Soul and Mood meters by defeating enemies or landing your moves.
    • Spend your souls on different buddies that aid you in battle:
      • Toxic Flower: Poisons nearby enemies
      • Cursed Tree: Stuns nearby enemies
      • Candy: Heals the user
    • – Your V deals more damage based on your current mood (100% calm or 100% anger for full damage boost).
  • Added a new awakening: Sand.
  • Added a new weapon (Buddy Sword):
    • Unique mechanic: The X move deals more damage the closer you are to your opponent.
  • Added Vietnam cone.

Stay tuned for more updates as the developers continue to push content for Blox Fruits update 17.

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