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Blizzard Despawns N’Zoth During Limit Attempt

Complexity Limit has put well over 100 attempts into killing the new World of Warcraft boss N’Zoth in the race for world first. The guild decided to switch things up a bit and try a new strategy, which was apparently not how the encounter was intended to be fought.

Blizzard Despawns N’Zoth During Limit Attempt

Limit wanted to ignore the portal to the Chambert of Heart, and instead DPS the boss down because he had no Psychic Shell enabled. Limit encountered a glitched version of N’Zoth after this, where they were free to DPS down N’Zoth who had no mechanics aside from Eternal Torment. They got him down to 25% health, after which he gained Psychic Shell again.

Limit then entered the Chamber of Heart and killed the Voidspawn Annihilator. After he was dead, Limit looked around and had no choice but go back to N’Zoth’s room, where they saw N’Zoth despawn right before their eyes.

Blizzard announced they had despawned the boss for the entire NA region for this reason. On the next pull, Limit encountered an Eternal Torment that dealt an insane amount of damage.

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