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Best Unholy Death Knight Talent Builds in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Spread Death and Disease Everywhere You Go!
WoW Dragonflight Dragon
Image via Blizzard

It’s one thing to be a knight. But, it’s another thing entirely to be an Unholy Death Knight. There’s a sense of (dark) aesthetic or (dark) elegance that comes packaged with the title. But, what are the best methods of becoming an Unholy Death Knight in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? In this guide, we’re going to be exploring that very topic. I’m going to present my view on the best skills/talents to pick when building your Unholy Death Knight.

Best Unholy Death Knight Default Build

It would seem that, when building a default Unholy Death Knight, a priority should be placed on dealing damage. So, we should focus more on talents that are less support-based and more offensive.

Here are some default abilities I would prioritize:

  1. Death Strike
  2. Cleaving Strikes
  3. Improved Death Strike
  4. Suppression
  5. Merciless Strikes
  6. Might of Thassarian
  7. Insidious Chill
  8. Rune Mastery
  9. Abomination Limb
  10. Soul Reaper

Best Unholy Death Knight Disease Build

On the flip-side, a disease build feels like it would be more designed for patient players. If you are capable of primarily using talents and abilities that affect enemies over time rather than all at once, you might want to prioritize a disease build when crafting your Unholy Death Knight.

Here are some disease abilities I would prioritize:

  1. Chains of Ice
  2. Mind Freeze
  3. Blinding Sleet
  4. Sacrificial Pact
  5. Control Undead
  6. Veteran of the Third War
  7. Brittle
  8. Clenching Grasp
  9. Asphyxiate
  10. Grip of the Dead

I hope that helped, but if you need more information about World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, why not check out more of the guides we’ve made on this latest expansion? And remember to make Gamer Journalist your one stop for all things entertainment!

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