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Best Team Comps for Seele in Honkai Star Rail

Who to pair Seele up with in battle

“Disappear among the sea of butterflies!” If you’ve played as Seele in Honkai Star Rail you’ve heard her shout out this phrase plenty of times when she uses her ultimate. Seele is a character you come across on the planet of Jaril-VI. She’s part of the group of underground dwellers in Belobog who want change and who want to live on the surface. Her personality is tough and she doesn’t do well when trying to soothe other people. Still, she’s someone you want on your team because of how strong she is. If you managed to luckily obtain her during the limited-time banner, here are the best team comps for Seele in Honkai Star Rail.

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Seele Team Comps to use in Honkai Star Rail

Seele is a five-star character you can earn during the event banner ‘Butterfly on Swordtip’. She focuses on using a “sea of butterflies” to attack enemies. The path she has chosen is The Hunt and she uses the Quantum element to defeat bosses. The hunt is one of the seven path types you can follow that will boost your character’s damage on single-targeted enemies. Dan Heng, Seele, Sushang, and Yanqing follow this path and they’re very strong in battle.

If you want to use Seele in battle you’re going to want to pick a great team that can handle her feisty personality. Here are some great choices for characters you can use to help boost her performance in battle.

Team 1: DPS Main

If you want Seele to be the very best DPS on the team you’re going to want to have players that can support her. You’re going to want to add Bronya, Tingyun, and Bailu to your team due to their support capabilities. Your teammates can provide Seele with excellent buffs that she will need in battle. For example, using Bronya will boost Seele’s attack abilities, as well as all members of the team. Tingyun and Bailu will work on healing Seele so you don’t have to worry about having low health. Bailu also has the ability to revive a character that has been knocked down.

Team 2: F2P DPS Main

For all of these team comps, you’re going to want to have Seele be the main DPS. Her ultimate ability, as well as, her basic attacks help to take down targets. This makes her the obvious choice to use in battle. If you don’t have access to Bailu you can always swap her out with Natasha. If you don’t have Tingyun you can swap her out with Asta. Asta provides great speed buffs as her ultimate and she can increase Seele’s attack. Having both of these characters on your team will guarantee a win.

Team 3: Tank

If you want to have a tank on your team versus a team full of healers you’re going to want to include your main character. If you want some diversity you can always look into adding a sub-DPS and the perfect person for this role would have to be Welt. Welt focuses on crowd control and once enemies are dealt with their speed is greatly reduced. Your trailblazer character has access to the path The Preservation and can use fire abilities after you’ve defeated the boss of Belobog. You’ll be able to taunt enemies and protect Seele from danger.

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