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Best Solo Class in Remnant 2

Making playing alone more comfortable
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What kind of player are you? Do you enjoy getting up close and personal to your enemies and seeing the life drain from their eyes with a powerful melee weapon in hand? Are you a sharpshooter looking for those clinical shots from afar? Is evasiveness important to you or would you rather tank the damage and last as long as possible before you pop that Relic Charge? With so many options to choose from in Remnant 2, you may be wondering which is better used for solo and co-op experiences. This is Vincent’s guide on the best solo Class to use in Remnant 2.

What is the Best Class to Use as a Solo Player in Remnant 2?

Which many Archetypes to choose from in Remnant 2 and so many combinations that can be done for the perfect Build, it can be difficult figuring out where to start. Thankfully, the best solo Class can actually be picked at the beginning of the game. The Archetype you should choose from the 4 base Classes is the Handler. Our reasoning for this is that it provides both a passive healing ability, strong movability and evasiveness whilst having another member in your party regardless of it being AI over another player in your lobby. Whilst the Medic is a stronger Archetype to use when combining its skills with another Class, the Handler is a great place to start for your Build.

The Handler offers a balanced set of Perks and Skills that can regularly be filtered out dependent on the situation you are in. For example, if you require fast healing you can change the Handler dog’s bandana color to move its combat mode to Guard. This will not only heal you similarly to the passive healing of the Medic Archetype but it also provides another character for enemies to attack. Although we are not suggesting to use the dog as bait throughout your journey, it will take the edge off, especially if you are playing on tougher difficulties or struggling with a specific boss.

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Best Secondary Archetypes to Use in Remnant 2

Now that you are using the Handler, we want to recommend specific Secondary Archetypes as these can be unlocked and run at the same time as your Primary Class of the Handler. We highly recommend starting with either the Hunter or Challenger as these provide a wider range of skills that are specific to long-range and close-range attacks. Depending in what you want to use weapon wise will determine which Archetype you pick as your secondary. Obtaining one of these Archetypes can be done inside Ward 13, by purchasing their unique item at the corresponding Vendor and transforming it into an Engram at Wallace. For more on Engrams in Remnant 2, see here.

Whilst you can truly match any Archetype to the Handler as a solo player, we recommend the Hunter and Challenger over everything else as these are the easiest to master whilst providing great strengths in their field.

If you are looking for more Remnant Build guides or just more content for this RPG, check out the GJ Remnant 2 section here. We hope this article gave you an idea on which Archetype you should be using for those just getting started with the everchanging world of Remnant. Thank you for reading this guide.

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