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Best Solar Titan Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall

This solos.
Best Solar Titan Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall - subclass screen.
Image via Bungie

I don’t play Titan in Destiny 2 Lightfall often. When I do, though, I use this Solar Titan build. This build is capable of single-handedly carrying you through solo Dungeons, Raids, Master Nightfalls, and whatever else you might think of running – bar Grandmasters.

I’m going to run you through this Solar Titan build, and explain why it’s as good as it is. I’ll give you the full setup – from Aspects to Mods, as well as some gear recommendations to really bring everything together.

Destiny 2 Lightfall – Best Solar Builds


Best Solar Titan Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall - Sol Invictus
Image via Bungie
  • Sol Invictus.

Sol Invictus may be the single best Aspect in all of Destiny 2 – it’s up there with Hunter’s Stylish Executioner, in any case. It does so much, all of which is incredibly beneficial for us – but its biggest appeal is Sunspot generation.

Sol Invictus makes your Hammer throws spawn Sunspots on Hit. These Sunspots deal damage to enemies trapped inside them and give you more ability regeneration while you’re standing inside them.

Most importantly, though, standing in your Sunspots with Sol Invictus will cause them to heal you. The healing benefits from this outperform anything else in the game, from Cure to Restoration. They’ll single-handedly keep you alive, and are vital to this Solar Titan’s build performance.

  • Roaring Flames

Unlike a lot of Destiny 2 Lightfall Builds, this one requires both of its Aspects to truly function. That’s just as well, too, because the third Solar Titan Aspect isn’t the best in PvE. Roaring Flames increases the damage of your Solar abilities for every Ignition or Solar ability final blow in a short space of time. You can stack this up to three times, with 20% for each stack maxing out at 60% more ability damage.

Your Hammer Throw is your main source of damage and healing with this build. Anything you can do to naturally increase the damage of it is important.

The only other important part of this build from your ability loadout is Hammer Throw. Your Hammer is your life with this build. Not only does it create Sunspots, but picking it up grants Cure, too. It’ll give you all your healing, and most of your damage – so you obviously need to be using it to make it work.

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Ember of Torches.
  • Ember of Torches.

With Ember of Torches equipped, powered melee hits will make you Radiant. Your Hammer instantly refreshes every time you pick it up, so most if not all of your melee attacks will be powered attacks – meaning Radiant should be up 24/7.

This is an additional 25% damage buff on top of the 60% from Roaring Flames, giving you 85% more melee damage before we even get to armor, weapons, or mods.

  • Ember of Benveolence.

Ember of Benevolence is an obvious pick for this Solar Titan Destiny 2 Lightfall build. All it does is extend the duration of Radiant – but given that we’ll always be Radiant, that’s a whole lot of value.

This effect also applies to Restoration and Cure, but we’re not concerned about either of those buffs on this build. Our Sunspots are all the healing we need – despite the Cure from our Hammer.

  • Ember of Char.

These last two Fragments aren’t all that important – so feel free to switch them up. When I make a build in Destiny, I prefer to run a primary SMG of a matching element type, with a perk that matches my subclass verbs.

For example, I’ll run a Repulsor Brace Hero’s Burden on Void, a Voltshot Ikelos on Arc, and an Incandescent Mini-Tool on Solar. Ember of Char plays into that by letting my Ignitions from Incandescent spread Scorch.

  • Ember of Eruption.

Ember of Eruption’s only job is to complement Ember of Char. It makes the explosion from Ignitions bigger, so it catches more enemies and spreads more Scorch.

This simply helps with the build’s add-clear potential when you accidentally yeet your Hammer off the map. Trust me, that happens way more often than you think.


Best Solar Titan Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall - Loreley Splendor.

Your gear options used to be pretty cut-and-dry when it came to Solar Titan Destiny 2 builds. You used either Synthocepts or Wormgod Caress. Both of these Exotics amplified your melee damage to extremes, turning your Hammer into a spamable rocket.

I’m still recommending both of these Exotics, although they have been nerfed hard. I’m happy to take the extra Hammer damage where I can get it, but if you’re not – there’s always Loreley Splendor. I have a personal grudge against this helmet for getting Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk disabled, but I can’t deny how powerful it is.

Loreley will give you some emergency healing, which is actually valuable in this build. As I said before, if you lose your Hammer – you’re useless. Loreley will help mitigate the danger when that happens by giving you access to what essentially amounts to a “heal me now” button.

weapon-wise, you don’t need much. Your Hammer is doing all the killing. However, I do recommend an Incandescent primary, and I’d recommend keeping a Tractor Cannon in your back pocket.

You’ll be doing all of your damage with your Hammer, right next to whatever your hitting. Applying a free 30% debuff to that target, on top of the stacks of extra damage you already have, is enough to solo one-phase Gahlran in Duality.


Best Solar Titan Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall - Solar Surge.
Image via Bungie

Mod-wise, there’s only one clear setup worth running as of Lightfall’s launch. That setup is:

  • 2/3x Solar Surge.
  • Time Dilation.
  • Stacks on Stacks.
  • Charged Up.

This is effectively the old Font of Might setup on steroids. Each copy of Solar Surge will give you bonus damage, with 10% at one copy, 17% at two, and 23% at three.

This buff lasts for 15 seconds per Armor Charge, extended by Time Dilation, with Stacks on Stacks giving you two charges per Orb.

This means that every Orb will give you 30 seconds of Font of Might, up to 23% damage. That’s about as strong as a mod setup you’re going to get, at least with the mods we currently have now.

This Solar Titan Destiny 2 Lightfall build is the best of the best, but it’s far from your only option. For more Destiny 2 build guides like this, make sure you’re following Gamer Journalist on Facebook. We’ll make sure you’re dominating the Lightfall META.

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