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Best Shifter Build in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

You want to be the very best?
Image provided by Owlcat

What is the Best Shifter Build in Pathfinder? Thankfully, we have the answer for you! With the most recent DLC Owlcat has added a few new things to the already massive video game. One of the things added was a class that’s already established in the TableTop version of the game, Shifter.

Shifter is a class that is focused around shifting into different forms of animals called aspects. There are 10 aspects to choose from in the game and every fourth level you get to acquire a new form. The forms are: Bear, Boar, Dinosaur, Mammoth, Horse, Lizard, Spider, Tiger, Wolf and Wolverine. There are Major and Minor versions of each of these animals that will give the character special additional skills and or feats.

Besides the aspects there are different 6 different Archetypes to choose from, they are: Child of the Manticore, Dragonblood Shifter, Feyform Shifter, Fiendflesh Shifter, Rageshaper and Wild Effigy. You can pick one of these Archetypes and follow the general layout that Owlcat has made for you, or you can follow our guide here! No matter what you choose, just try to have fun. Also play Child of the Manticore!

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Image provided by Owlcat

The Best Build

You may be thinking that a class like this would be opportune for building as a physical damage dealer that is in the fray of every battle. While you aren’t wrong, we’ve come up with an idea that combines the best of the classes physical side and an unexpected ranged side.

We want to use the Child of Manticore archetype and eventually grab Golden Dragon. We are going to be focusing on these two aspects because Manticore gives us ranged advantage and Golden Dragon fills in all of our weaknesses and provided more feats, stats, base attack bonuses and immunities. Likewise, we are going to take twenty levels of Shifter, no need to dip into another class for this one.


AlignmentTrue Neutral (to avoid Smite)
SkillStealth, Perception, Use Magic Device
DeityGreen Faith
Core ItemsMask of the Most Worthy, Broken Trickster, Ring of Imminent Demise, Evasion Ring, Bracers of Animal Fury, Apprentice Robe/Bestial Rags, Flawless Belt of Perfection +8, Embroidered Gloves, Hasty Eradicator

Stat Block


So, what you may notice here is that we are focusing on a ranged build. As the Manticore you get the ability to volley Spikes at your enemies. Naturally it’s apart from your body, so you don’t need to bring any weapons to wear you down! If you follow the leveling guide below you will become a multi hit spike spitting chimera that can attack from close range and long range. When your spikes hit an opponent they will not only have to dodge you multiple times but if they are hit the likelihood of you getting a critical on them is increased by four times. Yeah, so every round you get three attacks and multiple spikes… Multiply that by four and it’s a huge number.

Leveling Guide

1Shifter – Point-Blank Shot
3Shifter – Rapid Shot
5Shifter – Weapon Focus – Spike
7Shifter – Shifter’s Multiattack
9Shifter – Improved Critical: Spike
11Shifter – Deadly Aim
13Shifter – Improved Improved Critical: Spike
15Shifter – Improved Improved Improved Critical: Spike
17Shifter – Improved Improved Improved Critical Improved: Spike
19Shifter – Toughness

If you follow our guide you will end up being one of the most fun and exciting builds we’ve seen in the game in the longest time. Be sure that you check out the official Gamer Journalist Facebook page so that you’re able to keep up with our latest content on all the games you know and love to play!

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