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Best Secrets in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

There's treasure everywhere.
arcane odyssey jaws
Image via VetexGames

The romance of adventure can be defined in many different ways, but generally, it’s all about discoveries. Discovering long-abandoned treasures, discovering forgotten snippets of history, and discovering previously-unknown mysteries and legends, just to give a few examples. As an adventurous game, Roblox Arcane Odyssey is naturally packed with these kinds of wondrous secrets. Here are the best secrets in Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

Best Secrets in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Nearly every major island in Arcane Odyssey, both on the sea and floating in the sky, has at least one hidden cache of treasure somewhere within its bounds. For most of these islands, these secret caches aren’t that interesting, merely a handful of chests hidden in an odd nook or behind a false wall. Some of these secrets, however, come with some pretty nifty set dressing and lore snippets, making their discovery both aesthetically interesting and, of course, materially rewarding.

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There are a lot of islands in this game, but I think we can whittle our favorite island secrets down to a top three:

  • The Pirate King of the Northern Jaws
  • The Frozen Beast of Frostmill Island
  • The Mysterious Shrine of Ravenna Island

The Pirate King of the Northern Jaws

arcane odyssey jaws secret
Image via VetexGames

The Northern Jaws are littered with gigantic stone pillars jutting high out of the ocean. For the most part, these pillars are solid and uninteresting, but there’s one particular pillar, situated inconspicuously east of Redwake, that has a cracked panel on its flat top. If you can smash open that panel, you’ll be dropped into a hidden room that’s not only piled high with treasure but home to the skeletal remains of the mighty pirate, Captain Harwell the Fiend. He’s even left you a note asking you to kindly leave a few piles of gold for him to enjoy.

The Frozen Beast of Frostmill Island

arcane odyssey frostmill secret
Image via VetexGames

Frostmill Island is constantly embroiled in an intense snowstorm, leaving the island blanketed in freezing snow. Given the powerful cold, it wouldn’t be unusual to find some preserved remains. If you check the houses in the ruined village on the south side of the island, you can find a small open trapdoor. Drop down, and you’ll find a gaggle of chests flanked by the frozen remains of a gigantic beast in the wall.

The Mysterious Shrine of Ravenna Island

arcane odyssey shrine
Image via VetexGames

Ravenna Island is home to a vast network of caves and caverns thanks to its mining operations. Surprisingly, though, it seems like one of its biggest secrets was already mined out long before any recent operations. Starting from the town of Rasna on the island’s north shore, you can climb directly up Mount Caesar to uncover a stone gateway on the mountain’s side. Enter the cave, and you’ll stumble upon a mysterious shrine with several treasure chests, as well as three tablets covered in an unknown language. We don’t know what they say, but perhaps we’ll find out someday.

The treasure chests in each of these secret locales are full of random materials, weapons, and currency, so make sure to loot all of them after you’re done appreciating the set dressing.

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