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Best Routes for Himmelmatt Expo Map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

How will you gain your advantage?
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With a new Season of Modern Warfare 2 being released, with drastic changes across the Game Modes: Warzone and DMZ, a new Map within the MW2 Multiplayer Mode has joined the roster. The Himmelmatt Expo is a new 6v6 Map consisting of many named locations which invite players into a place of luxury to fend off their opposition. The Himmelmatt is a long overdue due to the slow development of new maps for Modern Warfare 2. However, its sheer size is something worth noting, especially for a classic 6v6 Team Deathmatch. Because of this, this guide will outline the best routes a player should take when fighting on the new Himmelmatt Expo Map.

Himmelmatt Expo Map Summary

The Himmelmatt Expo Map releases March 15th 2023, and whilst there is a small trailer available on Call of Duty, we do not have many opportunities to set out a plan regarding learning layout and how to play on this Map. For a 6v6 Map, Himmelmatt is massive, with locations: Restaurant, Pool, Terrace, Lounge, Garden, North Hall, Reception, Conference Room, Lobby, Sauna and Roundabout. There is no much to see within a 6v6 Map. But whether or not this Map will be more compact, similar to the usual 6v6 setting is unknown. However, when watching the Himmelmatt Trailer, there appears to be quite a trek between the north and south side. Whilst this may be appropriate for Modes such as Dominations and Hardpoint, a standard Team Deathmatch may feel longer than it should.

But when looking at the main areas of Himmelmatt: Congress Hall Event Center, Main Roads, Restaurant, Pool and Sauna, players will develop a favorite spot that accommodate their playstyle. Activision themselves recommend that players need to adopt a more versatile playstyle as overextending by exploring the Map within a short frame of time will get you punished. On the other hand however, playing too slow and camping will result in missing out on all of the action. Therefore, the Himmelmatt Map requires players to adapt to each area of interest, gaining knowledge and improving game sense as you learn the Map.

Best Routes on Himmelmatt Expo Map

Congress Hall Event Center

For those looking to gain an advantage as the Map releases on March 15th, 2023, this guide will demonstrate the best areas to frag out on Himmelmatt. The first we should highlight is the focal point on the Map which will likely see the highest amount of players inside, the Congress Hall Event Center. Divided into two levels with the main floor being a sweepable area in which you can enter from one side and exit straight out of the other. A core area within the Center is the Conference Room, a dimly lit room filled with waist-level cover which will be used throughout Modes such as Hardpoint and Domination. To quickly access this area however, players should use either the stairs or the elevator shaft. However, be aware that this will be highly contested so keep an eye out on enemies flocking towards these entry points.

The Lounge within the Center will be the best vantage spot of the Map as it has an overview of the Pool where you can easily access both areas through climbing the Lounge walls from the outside or exiting via the floor-to-ceiling windows. This is an area filled with visibility, with both the Lounge and Pool being open for pop shots from afar. Players should keep this in mind when picking this Route and expect a lot of Sniper play in both areas. This is the perfect place for players who enjoy long-range fights with a Sniper but have the versatility when using close-range weapons such as the MP5 or Dual Akimbos.

Main Roads

The Main Roads head straight to the Center, giving you options to your entry point in. With vehicles giving players cover outside, this part of the Map will act similarly to Black Ops II Raid Map. For those who enjoy using Assault Rifles, the Main Roads may be the best area for you to relocate. From here you will be able to access the main areas of the Map: the Center, Restaurant, Pool and Sauna. This area acts as the perfect location and route to take to get to the main locations of the Map with ease by utilizing cover. You will gain the most information in this area as you will have view of many Spawn Points. Its only downside comes with the use of Killstreaks which will annihilate you and your teammates on the Main Road as it is the most open area of the Map for attacks from above.

Pool and Sauna

If you do not want your main gameplay to take place in the open however, the Pool and Sauna is the best route for you. You can get to this area via the Restaurant, although it is the tightest part of the Map so for those playing here, a Shotgun may be best. Be sure to check all of the corners as Activision recommends the use of Tac Insertions which can easily ruin your day if your game sense is not on point that match. However, the Pool and Sauna is the safest outside area due to the various cover and buildings you can go into for safety. But if this area becomes a hot spot for teammates and enemies, the Pool and Sauna can quickly become inaccessible. Whilst you can utilize the Pool as a route of your attack, you will likely be punished since COD players are used to Pool plays from Advanced Warfare days.

That was our guide on the best routes to take on the new Himmelmatt Expo Map in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2: Reloaded. Set to release on March 15th, 2023, be ready for an action-packed match filled with different ranging weapons for each named located on Himmelmatt. For more Call of Duty content, feel free to check out our related if you are interested in seeing more from us.

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