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The best Roblox simulator games

The best Roblox simulator games

While the primary draw of video games, at least in my humble opinion, is to explore worlds, concepts, and stories beyond our own, I can’t deny that there’s a particular appeal to gamifying the mundane (or occasionally less so) elements of our lives. The sheer breadth of resources and creative minds in the Roblox community has given rise to a myriad of simulators, spanning the ordinary and not-so-ordinary. Here are some of the best Roblox simulator games.

The best Roblox simulator games are:

  • Strongman Simulator
  • Pet Simulator X
  • Anime Fighters Simulator
  • Tower Defense Simulator
  • Animal Simulator
  • Bee Swarm Simulator
  • Pet Swam Simulator
  • Eating Simulator
  • YouTube Simulator
  • Speed Simulator
  • Mega Noob Simulator
  • Pet Fighters Simulator

Strongman Simulator

To be a professional strongman requires a very particular kind of dedication. It’s not just a matter of lifting stuff- well, okay it is, but lifting stuff requires a strict training regimen and intense discipline. If you’d like a taste of that kind of life, try out Strongman Simulator. Bulk up at the gym, and use your newfound strength to lift and pull the largest objects in the world. Prove yourself as the beefiest bro on the planet!

Pet Simulator X

I love animals, and I especially love dogs and cats. A pet can really brighten up your life, not to mention teach some valuable lessons about responsibility. If you’re not quite confident in your ability to raise a real pet just yet though, that’s okay. Take a preliminary spin in Pet Simulator X, where you can collect coins to hatch and trade bigger and better pets. Start with the basics like cats, dogs, and birds, and work your way into the realm of the fantastical with dragons and unicorns!

Anime Fighters Simulator

It’s rather telling that fighting games stocked exclusively from characters from Shonen Jump manga and anime have almost become a genre of game in themselves. Whether you’re into the classics like One Piece or Naruto or got into the newer stuff like My Hero Academia or One Punch Man, Anime Fighters Simulator will give you the chance to pit your favorite characters against one another, complete with all of their esoteric full-page-description-requiring abilities. Who doesn’t love a good two-page spread beat down?

Tower Defense Simulator

Tower defense games technically date back as far as 1990, but they really came into their own in the late 2000s age of Flash games. There’s something pleasantly simple about the premise: you’ve got a thing, bad dudes are coming for the thing, gently dissuade them with guns and pointy things. That’s the order of the day in Tower Defense Simulator. Team up with friends, fend off waves of the undead, and use the profits to build bigger and better defense systems! 

Animal Simulator

Despite the best efforts of zoologists and documentarians, it’s not possible for humanity to know the entirety of what goes down in the animal kingdom. We can, however, make a sort-of-educated guess thanks to games like Animal Simulator! Embody the animal of your choosing, explore the world, start a pack, become the apex predator, or just lounge around and enjoy the scenery. Technically, all of those are accurate to real life! More or less!

Bee Swarm Simulator

Speaking of animals, honeybees are a model of completely instinctive animal efficiency. They provide a vital service to the world by simply performing the tasks they were engineered to do. If you’re a fan of this model of life, take on the role of a queen bee in Bee Swarm Simulator. Send out your swarm to collect pollen and generate honey, steadily growing your operation while enlisting the cooperation of friendly bears and fending off hostile species.

Pet Swarm Simulator

While the word “swarm” is usually associated with insects, technically speaking any sufficiently large gathering of animals could be referred to as a “swarm.” In Pet Swarm Simulator, there’s a swarm of wild, brainwashed pets on the loose, and you’ve gotta hunt down the dark wizard responsible and give him a swift kick in the rear. Raise fantastical pets of your own into the ultimate magical fighting force, obtaining eggs with new pets along the way!

Eating Simulator

Competitive eaters terrify me. I feel like the human body isn’t meant to accommodate the things they do, but they just go right on doing it. If you haven’t had lunch yet, try out Eating Simulator to learn the definition of gorging. Stuff your face with all the food you can get your mitts on to grow in size and strength, then take on opponents in teeth-to-teeth battles. It’s a terrifying, eat-or-be-eaten world out there, so make sure you’ve got the biggest mouth and toughest gut.

YouTube Simulator

When YouTube first went mainstream, everyone with a cheap webcam wanted to be a net video star. I know. I tried. If you think you have the chops to be the next Pewdiepie, try out YouTube Simulator! Open your own home studio, film the best content you can, and edit your videos together into smash sensations. It’s a fierce race toward the coveted title of monetization! Just remember to keep your spicy takes to yourself.

Speed Simulator

With the Olympics going on right now, everyone’s had sprinting on their minds. Thing is, the human body can only run so fast, at least in real life. In the realm of games, though, breaking the sound barrier happens every Tuesday! In Speed Simulator, train your avatar with fitness regimens and boosting items to reach speeds so fast you might have a hard time controlling them! Nobody ever said it was easy to be the Flash. If you can gain control, though, you can blow away the competition in massive sprint-offs!

Mega Noob Simulator

We were all noobs once. It’s not a fun thing to be the underpowered gnat in the face of an overpowered world, but in Mega Noob Simulator, you can take the strength you want with your own two hands. Defeat bacon hairs to gain their strength and grow in size, then build your power further with strength boosts! Noobs and bacon; it’s an almost perfect encapsulation of the early 2010s.

Pet Fighters Simulator

The combination of pet collecting and monster battling is a tried and true formula, and Pet Fighters Simulator brings those elements to the Roblox experience. Like Pet Simulator, players can collect currency and try to hatch the rarest pets to build up their collection. Rarer pets bring more power, allowing you to venture into the toughest worlds the game has to offer.

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