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Best Researcher Carrot Build in Epic Seven

Looking to build Researcher Carrot? Look no further!
Researcher Carrot
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Epic Seven is a turn-based RPG available on mobile devices. Researcher Carrot is the Specialty Change to Carrot that was introduced on the 18th of September in 2019 and remains as one of the best characters to effectively build up to make for a powerhouse of a unit.

As one of the few units who are able to self-heal, self-cleanse and utilises barriers, her kit makes her one of the most viable units to play as to power through the most difficult of challenges in the game ever since her release. While this is common enough knowledge for pre-existing players of the game, newcomers to the title may not be familiar to just how much potential she has in her kit. Here’s to how you should build her to make her as effective as possible.

Best Researcher Carrot Build in Epic Seven

Speed is key

Researcher Carrot’s stat baselines are already quite tanky, allowing for one of two viable optional builds to build her up as. These can be putting more emphasis on either maximizing out these stats to make her into a tanky DPS unit or focus in on fuelling her speed stats to overtake any and all opponents to lay down her stacking of burns and detonating skills.

Rather surprisingly, you will want to prioritize increasing her base stats – this includes, in this specific order of priority; attack, health, speed and defense. This is because her main skill being the application of burns makes her able to stack and detonate the burns fall under her attack stat. Critically, burn effects are based on her attack numbers, therefor critical hit damage can be completely ignored in favor of focusing on these base stats.

The numbers specifically you will want to aim for are 4000-5000 in attack, 10000-15000 in health, speed sitting at roughly 200, and 1000-1500 in defense.

For artifacts, the best has always been Etica’s Scepter which allows for decreased cooldowns so she can utilize her skills more often with quick turnarounds, therefore allowing for far more opportunities in stacking burns, detonating them, and rinse and repeat. Tagehel’s Ancient Book is a mage artifact that is best suggested as a second option for those who do not have the Etica’s Scepter. As a third option, Chatty compliments her kit for allowing her to utilize her barrier twice if and when her health is low.

For her gear, aim to kit her out with these epic items – Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Dagger, Ancient Drake Mask, Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Armor, Dark Red Dragon Gem, Seeker’s Ring and Ancient Drake Boots. All of these accumulate into giving her a well-rounded amount of stat bonuses to increase all her major stats involving attack, speed, and health.

As for her positioning, have her in the front so that her passive ability (Flame Barrier) affects enemies that attack her. In your team with her, you will want other units who will support her, so ensure to include a healer, stat buff supporter, and units with burn effects to pile on all of her burn damage for quick and swift putdowns.

Remember to either hone in on either beefing her up as a tank or focus on her speed so that she can attack first and have more chances at avoiding counters. Both are more than viable builds that show off just how powerful of a unit she is.

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