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Best Quirk Combos in Anime Champions Simulator

By our quirks combined, we have power!
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Anime fans, including myself, have always wondered who would win in a fight between two completely unrelated characters. There’s even a running gag: “Can he beat Goku tho?” It seems that there’s a market big enough for anime fans for a Roblox game where various anime heroes beat each other up.

Anime Champions Simulator lets you embark on a journey through the galaxy. On your way, you’ll collect and train various anime champions and travel across the galaxy filled with opportunities. Said opportunities are usually beatdowns with other overpowered anime characters.

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Best Quirks In Anime Champions Simulator Overview

Quirks are attributes you can assign to your anime champions, which improve their stats and boost specific aspects of their gameplay. For example, a Giant quirk increases characters’ damage. Although there are character-based Quirks, they can be rerolled at Magic Tree in Champion City.

Best Quirk Combinations

A good Quirk combination is based on synergy and how they work together. Quirks have buffs and debuffs, as you may know, and strong combinations will cover each other’s weaknesses and grant the strongest buffs. Right now, the best Quirk combo is Celestial + Titan, followed closely by Celestial + Blackhole. If you haven’t obtained the Mythic quirks yet, the combination of Assassin and Sniper will do the job quite well.

Top 10 Quirk Combinations

At this very moment, these are the best Quirk combinations. Be aware, though, that this list is prone to alterations due to the changing nature of the game:

  1. Celestial + Titan
  2. Celestial + Blackhole
  3. Celestial + Sniper
  4. Celestial + Assassin
  5. Titan + Blackhole
  6. Titan + Assassin
  7. Blackhole + Assassin
  8. Blackhole + Sniper
  9. Assassin + Sniper
  10. Titan + Sniper

Best Quirks List

The best Quirk in the game is still

  1. Celestial – with its high critical stats, attack speed, and damage, it is the best option for power.
  2. Blackhole – a worthy addition to this list because it works well with many quirks, particularly Celestial, which increases your damage output overall.
  3. Titan – its 50% crit chance and three times damage multiplier are noteworthy, but its attack speed is nerfed by 0.8 times.

Specialty Team Quirks

As for Specialty Team Quirks, there are four of them: Leprechaun, Thief, Assassin, and Sniper. Each of them has its own upsides, but compared to the other two, Assassin and Sniper are superior because they are generally much stronger and work well in pairs. They can also combine well with the Quirks from the previous paragraph.

Quirks to Avoid

Giant offers the biggest disadvantage in return for the least amount of benefits when compared to the other damage quirks. It’s just not good enough. Although Archmage has much potential, it still has yet to prove its worth in the following patches.

Anime Champions Simulator has an intricate system of quirks that could help you maximize your damage output. For more Roblox Anime content, check out How to Get a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator.

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