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Best Pets to Use in Clash of Clans (CoC)

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Pets are special units in Clash of Clans that are linked with Hero units like the Barbarian King or the Royal Champion. These combinations offer fresh and distinctive ways to wage war and launch attacks. Some pets help your heroes and army deal more damage, while others offer support like potent healing. Some statistical pets may also stun foes from underneath or demolish walls more rapidly. However, some pets go better with some heroes than others. Let’s discuss how to get these units and what the best pets to use Clash of Clans are.

Unlocking the Pets

To access the pet units in clash of clans, you must first construct a Pet House. The pet house is unlocked at Townhall level 14. Townhall level 14 grants access to the first four pets, which correspond to levels one through four of the pet home. When you reach Townhall level 15, you will be able to field four extra pets with Pet House levels five through eight.

Choosing the Best Combinations

The main idea behind having the best pets in Clash of Clans is to choose pairings that synergize and strengthen the weaknesses of the paired hero. If you need your hero to get close, a pet that tears down walls is a must, and if your hero requires additional support, bringing a healing pet will be beneficial. All of this is determined by your army’s victory condition, the heroes you field, and the priority targets on the field.

Barbarian King

The Barbarian King’s main flaw is his limited range. With such a short range, it is simple to pick off this hero with well-placed walls and defenses. Might Yak or Frosty are two viable combinations to fight this. Frosty will slow down opposing defenses, giving your Barbarian King extra time to strike. Mighty Yak, on the other hand, will quickly shatter walls and offer easy access to the opponent’s interior base. If you’re sure in your ability to keep it alive, you may try combining the Unicorn with the Barbarian King to heal and keep the Hero alive for longer.

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Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is a powerful hero with the ability to inflict lot of damage. The disadvantage is that Archer Queen is highly squishy and may be taken out more easily than other heroes. It is critical to keep this hero alive when you deploy them in your army. The first pet that comes to mind is the Phoenix, which will resurrect your hero at a critical stage in the battle. Frosty is another good combo since delaying adversaries allows Archer Queen to take them down more quickly. You may also use Might Yak to bring this hero closer, or Unicorn to heal while keeping your distance.

Grand Warden

The Grand Warden is a ranged hero that deals high damage despite his sluggish attack speed. If air defense isn’t a concern in the target assault, switching Grand Warden to air mode and pairing it with Electro owl could be a decent choice. This will offer you a formidable aerial strike. As previously said, this hero’s attack speed is slow, therefore employing Frosty to slow down the opposition is another powerful combo.

Royal Champion

The Royal champion is in the center of the pack in terms of damage and survival, but travels about the battlefield considerably faster than other heroes. This works well when combined with fast-moving pets like L.A.S.S.I. or Poison Lizard. If you prefer a more controlling approach than Diggy, a pet that assists by digging underground and stunning foes from below is also a viable pairing with Royal Champion.

Mix & Match for Best Results

As previously stated, these pairings are situational due to a variety of reasons. The size of your army, the size of your opponent’s army, your aim in war or defense, and even soldiers on loan can all have an impact. It is better to experiment with different combinations. Use the information above as a guide while you test and discover your best pets to use in Clash of Clans.

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