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Best Perks for Mad Max in Multiversus

Here are the best perks to use for Mad Max in Multiversus
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Multiversus is the franchise cocktail we never knew we needed. Who knew the internet would manifest Ultra Instincts Shaggy into a real thing? Battling the hardened Arya Stark against the fun-loving Jake the Dog seems hilarious and provides a fantastic action scene. But what other characters will Warner Brothers throw into this multiversal match up? Mad Max’s name has been whispered around by the community. If ever the legendary apocalypse survivor makes an entrance and goes toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight, what perks would you need to dominate the arena?

What are perks?

Perks are great pieces of kit to gain an edge over your opponents and personalize your experience. You gain perks by increasing your character’s mastery (level) through fighting battles. At level 9, you can even train your perks to make them stronger.

Each character has a selection of their own perks – they are not exactly universal. Each character has a slot for a signature perk (a perk that is unique and tailored towards them) and three slots for a regular perk.

You get to choose your perks at the beginning of battle and all player’s perks are revealed at the same time just before battle commences.

So, the more you play, the more perks you get for your favorite characters!

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Potential Perks for Mad Max

Due to not being in the game, it is difficult to discuss with accuracy what Mad Max perks would be like. We will update this list if Mad Max comes rumbling in the arenas.

Firstly, we must discuss what Mad Max would practically be like in Multiversus. Being strong, buff, and incredibly skilled at fighting, Mad Max would comfortably slide into the bruiser class, fighters who can pack a punch and have strong attacks to knock players out of the ring. Mad Max would also most likely have some sort of ranged capability, as in the films he is more than proficient with ad-hoc weaponry.

Being a solo and vengeful fighter, it would make sense for Mad Max to have mostly offensive perks, and be more of a grounded fighter. I would imagine his signature perks would channel his vengeance and rage, making him stronger the more damage he takes, or making him more resistant to knockback effects the more he gets knocked around.

As for his regular perks, it would only make sense for Mad Max to benefit from numerous offensive perks, some defensive perks, but minimal utility perks. If you had a Mad Max on your team, it would be best to just let him get on with the butt-kicking and stay out of his way.

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