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Best Matching PFPs for Couples

Couples need ways to express their love and affection for one another. One of the best ways to do that online is with matching PFPs. Here are the best matching PFPs for couples.
Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Image via Square

Relationships can be built upon many small characteristics that make them unique. One key benefit of having a partner is being able to share your mutual interests together. This can take the form of matching t-shirts, socks, tattoos, or in this case, profile pictures (PFPs). Finding the best matching PFPs for couples can be a bit of a challenge. With so many different genres of media to choose from it might be difficult to narrow down a selection. Thankfully we have compiled the best matching PFPs for couples in a few general categories for you and your significant other to choose from.

Best Anime Matching PFPs for Couples

Finding the best anime matching PFPs for couples is like finding the one piece, it’s not easy to sift through all the noise. Usually people end up choosing an anime that they and their partner watch together. Other times it could be because of a certain aesthetic. Whether people are a fan of the Netflix movie Bubble, or if you are a fan of Chainsaw man, it’s safe to assume there’s a matching set of anime PFPs for any and every couple.

Best Meme Matching PFPs for Couples

Everyone has different love languages. For some people, that love language is memes. There is no shortage of top tier memes for you and your special someone to throw together. Some couples might take family very serious. Maybe the two of you have felt like 2 rats playing cards stuck in human bodies. These meme matching PFPs are guaranteed to have your friends laugh in envy and wish they had someone to tie their hoodie strings with.

Best Pet Matching PFPs for Couples

Animals can be a constant source of dopamine by themselves. When you put these matching PFPs of the most adorable animals together, you can be sure the dopamine will be flowing in full force. I mean c’mon who doesn’t love a couple of silly little ferrets with adorable hats. Be sure to use some of these matching PFPs with your partner if you ever feel like wanting to hold their hand in a minion costume. Or whenever you want to puncture your significant other with cupids arrow.

Best Cartoon Matching PFPs for Couples

Cartoons can be a gateway for couples to connect and share their childhood memories. These matching PFPs show a certain togetherness that Squidward couldn’t even ignore. With many options from new and old cartoons, who can go wrong with Homer and Marge jamming out in the car. All of these matching PFPs can be sure to warm the heart of any Corpse Bride.

Everyone is always looking to connect more with their soulmate. While there is no shortage of fun ideas to bring two people close together, not everyone has the luxury of being physically together all the time. That’s why couples decided to show their appreciation and love for one another by matching PFPs. All of the images shown here today have been picked from MatchingPFPs. A website dedicated to a catalogue of the best matching PFPs for couples and friends alike. There are a ton of other websites around with PFPs for every genre of entertainment. Above all else the best matching PFPs for couples are ones that express the passion, love, joy, or even hilariousness of the relationship.

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