Best Gear for Monk in BG3

With these fists of fury, you'll never need another weapon.
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Finding the right gear for your character is a lot like finding an explosive barrel in a crowd of enemies. You need not look far for either, as Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) provides players with a plethora of opportunities to gear up. And when playing as a Monk, you’re gonna want to make sure everything you are equipping is up to snuff.

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There are a few interesting things to remember when thinking of what to equip, and we’ll make sure you enter a fight with the enemies already on their backs. So let’s be patient and take a look at the best gear for Monk in BG3.

Best Gear for Monk in BG3

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There are a few things to note when looking at obtaining new gear for your Monk. Aside from obvious things like Ki, a Monk has three exclusive feats: Dexterous Attacks, Deft Strikes, and Bonus Unarmed Strikes. The one to pay attention to most is the Unarmed Strikes. Attacking as a Monk allows the player to hit multiple unarmed attacks in one turn. This can prove to be very useful, as it also ties into what kind of gear you should look for. All this is to say that monks should look at having clothing as their gear, with bare hands and potentially a quarterstaff or ranged simple weapon.

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To go into further detail, Clothing is the only type of gear your character should wear since Monks aren’t proficient in any type of armor. What’s more, the feature Unarmored Defense gives players a boost of Armor Class while they’re not wearing armor. It uses Wisdom as a modifier to increase the AC, but you’ll want to hold off on throwing every class point into it right off the bat.

You’ll want to put some points into Dexterity as well, as Unarmored Defense stacks with it as well. Clothing is found throughout your journey, but for a Monk-specific piece of gear, we recommend acquiring the Garb of the Land and Sky at Wyrm’s Crossing at the beginning of Act 3. Other gear you should prioritize acquiring is the Gloves of Soul Catching, Amulet of Greater Health, Risky Ring, and Callous Glow Ring. Combine all of this with a ranged secondary weapon, and you’re sure to deal massive amounts of damage even in Tactician mode.

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