Where is Stormshore Tabernacle in BG3?

A vampire, Githyanki, and hellspawn walk into a house of worship.
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By the time players reach Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), you might think the game is starting to wrap up. However, the last act of BG3 is jam-packed with side quests, content, and places to explore. And one of these locations is a house of worship that can net players fantastic rewards. That being said, since the map you explore in Act 3 boasts a myriad of interesting locales, finding this particular establishment is tricky. You may even pass right by it without noticing and exploring this area will net you great rewards. We’re going to make an offering and answer the question: where is Stormshore Tabernacle in BG3?

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How to Find Stormshore Tabernacle in BG3?

Where is Stormshore Tabernacle in BG3? Sorcerous Sundries
Image via Larian Studios

When players make their way to Act 3, they’ll be getting closer and closer to the city of Baldur’s Gate. Furthermore, many quests you have collected throughout the story will climax here. This doesn’t mean there aren’t many new people to talk to or places to find. The Stormshore Tabernacle in BG3 is found in the Lower City, to the left of the Basilisk Gate waypoint. You’ll need to walk a bit if you haven’t unlocked the Basilisk Gate waypoint yet.

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The main part of the Lower City revolves around the Sorcerous Sundries store. It’s one of the largest buildings in the city, and next to it is the Lower City Central Wall waypoint. From here, make your way forward into the city. Once you take a left and reach the Wine Festival, turn right and continue further down the street. Follow this street all the way down, and once you reach a fork in the road, the Stormshore Tabernacle will be on your left.

In the Stormshore Tabernacle, players are able to make an offering to the Statue of the Gods. The offering amount varies depending on your level and difficulty of the campaign, but the player who makes the offering will receive the Anointed of Splendor Buff.

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