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Best FOV Settings for Warzone

Best FOV Settings for Warzone

Discovering FOV in FPS games is like finding out about a cheat that everyone uses but no one talks about. Your field of view options let you control how much of the area you can see in front of your character. Think of it like zooming your camera out. In other words, you can see people coming from angels that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. So, let’s talk about how you can take advantage of this by looking at the best FOV settings for Warzone. 

What’s the Best FOV Setting for Warzone?

There’s no one definitive best setting. Each player uses a different FOV that suits their style better. However, the most common range of FOV settings you see players use in Warzone is between 110 and 120

The default FOV in Warzone is 80, so that’s a pretty dramatic change. While some pros prefer to stick to that default number, there are just as many that like having the extra range of vision. 

The trade-off for being able to see more of the map is that you’re zoomed out, meaning it’s more difficult to hit your shots. It can also be tough to get used to the new viewpoint and can induce performance issues. 

However, that’s not much of a price to pay when you consider you can see enemies far before they see you.

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