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Best Fighting Styles in Roblox Pixel Piece – Ranked

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Pixel Piece is one of the most popular anime inspired games on Roblox. Within the game you get to explore an amazing and beautiful world inspired by the anime and manga One Piece! Players from all around the world can play together and have fun fighting each other and doing quests. In the game there are a handful of fighting styles to choose from, so we’ve ranked them for you. Here are the Best Fighting Styles in Roblox Pixel Piece Ranked.

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Best Fighting Styles in Roblox Pixel Piece

Image via WorldUp Studios

S Tier

Skywalk – While Skywalk isn’t necessarily a combat fighting style, it is one of the most important fighting styles to pick up in the game. When you get Skywalk you will be able to literally jump on air. This allows the character to dodge midair and get access to other places higher up. Some of the bosses you need to fight in the game will have attacks where you need to skywalk over them. So get this asap!

Haki – This is going to be the best fighting style to grab because it gives you an advantage in almost every fight you encounter. Haki gives your weapons and fists a special effect which allows you to deal extra damage to enemies. On top of that it allows you to deal damage to Logia fruit users without needing to use a devil fruit power. It’s simply the best due to its raw stat increase.

A Tier

Black Leg – This fighting style doesn’t offer much up front like Haki does but it will give you some utility. For example, using Black Leg you will gain access to the skill Coiller which will trip any enemy hit by it. You can also use the skill Desukikku which makes you deal fire damage in an AoE around where your character lands. Since you can only use on fighting style at a time this one is more niche but can allow for great maneuverability in fights.

B Tier

pixel piece sword guy
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One Sword style – Unlike the previous skills listed, One Sword style is reliant on many different aspects to be good and there’s no stat boosts. There are some swords you can use that will give you an advantage in fights but they are few and far between. The best skills to pick up with this fighting style would be Dragon Slash which makes your character dash in a straight line at the speed of light. Cyclone Phoenix is also good to pick up because it can deal AoE damage and knock back any of the opponent’s swarming you.

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