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Best Feral Druid Builds in Dragonflight

Shapeshift to the best build possible.
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Skill is a must-have in all games, specially in those involving a minimum amount of strategy. However, there are things that will give you a special boost, even before having to face the weakest enemy you can find. That can be an equipment, class selection, and of course, abilities. That is the role of the talent tree available for each class and their specific specialization. Today, we will talk about the best Feral Druid builds in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Continue reading this article to discover them.

Best Feral Druid Builds in Dragonflight

Feral Druid Raid Talent Build

This raid build is quite a very basic one. It is focused on single target damage for the Feral Druid. However, with some tweaks in the talent tree, you will be able to have a decent AoE (or area of effect) attack damage available for you to use during raids. You know that you will need it, of course.

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Feral Druid Compromise Talent Build

Whether you like to fight raids to live another raid or to confront and ger through Mythic+ dungeons, this is the do-it-all, middle of the road build of the bunch. This means, equal care to both single targeting damage and AoE. Sacrificing a bit of power on both ends to have a decent damage output on both.

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Feral Druid General Purpose Talent Build

Specially designed to be a little more focused on single target damage, it sports a very decent AoE as well. It is a very well-designed and balanced build that will grant you a good position during Mythic+ Dungeons.

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Feral Druid Bees Talent Build

On the contrary to the General Purpose build, this build will focus significantly more in the AoE attack damage output for the Feral Druids. It is similar to the Bee’s Necrolord build, so it may be a little harder to get all the talent abilities in the tree, but it will be worth it in the long run to approach all Mythic+ Dungeons.

Image Via Wowhead

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Now that you have the best builds available for you, be sure to pick the best one that will suit your objective. Raiding or tackling Mythic+ dungeons? Well, whatever it is, there is a build here for you. Feel free to experiment on any one of them to better suit whatever your style could be. Good luck!

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