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Best Counters to New (Reworked) Roadhog in Overwatch 2

Stopping the tank.
Image by Blizzard Entertainment

The November ’23 patch in Overwatch 2 brought some interesting changes to the gameplay. One of the original heroes, Roadhog, got a rework. Although his core abilities are still there, some of them have changed in a significant way. Additionally, Roadhog has a new ability, Pig Pen, that allows him to put mines and traps around the arena.

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How to Counter New Roadhog in Overwatch 2?

Roadhog is a Tank-type character with tremendous strength and incredible powers. Roadhog is an imposing opponent that may be employed to target the quick DPS and support heroes or to defend his teammates.

Countering The Roadhog

With his ability to protect his squad and harm other heroes, Roadhog is a powerful force. However, this also makes Roadhog an appealing target for counterattacks from other players. Some heroes can use the Roadhog’s big frame and lack of speed to deliver high-damage attacks against him. Additionally, the November patch made Roadhog way less bullet-spongy. Here are some heroes that can properly counter Roadhog.


When it comes to Zarya, her bubble shield can briefly stop Roadhog. Furthermore, with an incredible ultimate, Zarya may deal significant frontline damage to Roadhog. One of probably the best ults in the game is her Graviton Surge, which can keep Roadhog (and some others, hopefully) in one place so your DPS heroes can nail him down easily.


Ana is a support sniper with a variety of healing skills at her disposal. That being said, Ana also possesses several skills that can deal significant damage to Roadhog. Roadhog has the ability to heal himself. However, Ana can counter this with her anti-healing grenade skill. If you are a skilled player with Ana, you can slow him down by hitting him with a Sleep dart. However, she cannot fight Roadhog by herself because of his huge health pool.

Other Good Counters

D.Va is a good choice to play against Roadhog because of her devastating ult and high mobility. Another great hero to use against Roadhog is Reaper, especially during close combat situations. His Wraith form and teleporting abilities give him a serious edge over a slower and less mobile hero such as Roadhog. There is also Widowmaker, someone who can evade and damage Roadhog from a distance. We would recommend taking Roadhog out with headshots, which wouldn’t be too hard considering his head size.

Roadhog is a big and bulky hero who can be countered by various heroes he is weak against. For more related content, feel free to check out What is it Like to Play Overwatch 2 Without HUD? or How to Check Your MMR in Overwatch 2.

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