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10 Best Classic WoW addons for 2020

Best Classic WoW addons

Looking for the best addons in Classic WoW? Back in the old days, there were little to no addons. What you saw is what you got. Over time, players with programming knowledge began developing unique addons to help with minor aspects of the game. Some would provide feedback and keep statistics, providing players with useful metrics like experience per hour, and time to level. 

Other addons would customize the look and feel of the interface with better-looking nameplates and font options. As more and more data was collected, more complex addons started coming out. It was eventually possible to keep track of all the enemies’ actual health points and figure out the percent chance to drop a specific item.

The die-hard fanbase of classic WoW continued to improve upon the game, even as the core game evolved into something entirely different. With the re-release of Classic WoW, there are now more addons than ever for every aspect of the game. From showing every single herb and mining node on the world map to all-in-one UI packages, it is possible to optimize your gameplay in a seemingly infinite number of ways. These are some of the best classic WoW addons to get the most out of the nostalgic MMO experience.

10 Best Classic WoW Addons

Here are the top ten best Classic WoW Addons:

Deadly Boss Mods | Details | Exorsus Raid Tools | Questie | Leatrix Plus | Auctionator | Atlas Loot | Nova World Buffs | GatherMate | WeakAuras

10. Deadly Boss Mods

If you like to raid dungeons in Classic Wow, Deadly Boss Mods is an essential addon. The addon is made and managed by hardcore raiders and provides alerts and useful information for every boss in every encounter. Even if you are brand new to a dungeon, you will know what to do in every situation. You will see timers for every significant boss attack or spell for every encounter, no matter how small or large. With multi-language support and some humorous sound clips, Deadly Boss Mods is the number one raiding addon for a region. 

WoW Addons | Deadly Boss Mods

9. Details

Whether you prefer going up against other players or raiding the toughest dungeons, it’s always good to know how you’re performing. Details addon is the number one tool for keeping track of any damage going on in the game, whether it be by players or bosses. Damage, healing, threat, interrupts, dispels, curses, you name it. This addon tracks everything and allows you to browse it in a useful way. Many raiding guilds make this addon a requirement to know who is doing their job and who isn’t. It also supports plugins like TinyThreat that display who has aggro and who is about to steal threat. 

WoW Addons | Details

8. Exorsus Raid Tools

Another fantastic addon for raiding is Exorsus Raid Tools. It is particularly useful for guild leaders and officers because it keeps track of everything happening in the raid. Want to know which healer body pulled the boss by accident? Exorsus Raid Tools also keeps track of combat logs for every encounter, so you can upload them later to Warcraft Logs and see how you stack up against other guilds. For the guilds looking to push themselves to the limit, no other addon can come close.

Warcraft  Addons | Exorsus Raid Tools

7. Questie

We have an entire post on the best leveling addons for Classic WoW, but this one is so good we need to include it in our overall list. Questie is a quest tracking addon for literally any mission in the game. This addon comes in handy for specific content you may not remember, or new seasonal content that only comes around once a year. You will see markers on your map for where you need to go to complete each quest. It makes questing and leveling easier and saves a lot of headaches and time otherwise spent researching.

Warcraft  Addons | Questie

6. Leatrix Plus

Here’s an addon that serves as a master collection of every essential quality of life improvement imaginable in Classic WoW. There are options to auto-repair, accept quests automatically, disable vision-impairing effects, customize your mini-map, and so much more. Leatrix Plus also includes options to speed up your game, such as faster loot speeds. Many features are jam-packed into this lightweight addon, and that’s why WoW veterans so highly recommend it.

Best Classic WoW Addons | Leatrix Plus

5. Auctionator

Farming gold in Classic is not as easy as it is in retail WoW. The number one way to make big bucks is to master the auction house. Auctionator is a tool that expert traders won’t hesitate to use to their advantage. Auction House search results condense into easy to read categories and items are easily bought and sold in bulk thanks to this addon. If you plan to use the AH daily, Auctionator is worth checking out. 

4. Atlas Loot

Some websites provide information about a boss’s chances to drop a specific item, and even information on their entire loot table. With Atlas Loot, all that information is accessible through the game in one window. Not only does it provide boss loot tables, but it also includes faction rewards and crafting item recipes. It’s an invaluable resource that will save your alt and tab keys some severe wear and tear.

Best Classic WoW Addons | Atlas Loot

3. Nova World Buffs

A relatively new addon gaining popularity is Nova World Buffs. This tracker keeps timers on every WoW classic world buff and provides in-game alerts when they are available. If someone stole your Songflower and you need to know when it respawns, Nova will let you know. You’ll never need to ask your token guild encyclopedia for the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer timer if you install this addon. 

Addons | Nova World Buffs

2. GatherMate2

This gathering companion addon is incredibly useful for finding nodes and flowers. It provides known coordinates for every single resource on the map, from Rich Thorium to Black Lotus. You can even import custom data to show information of your choosing. GatherMate2 is genuinely one of the best addons for anyone that takes their in-game gathering professions seriously. 

Warcraft Addons | GatherMate

1. WeakAuras

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best WoW Classic addons is WeakAuras. You may need to be a programming genius to understand how to use it to the full extent, but luckily there is an entire site dedicated to elements for this addon. With this addon, you can build addons and macros specific to your character. From hot bars that alert you when your consumables run out, to energy and mana trackers, every player can find value in this addon.

Addons | WeakAuras

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