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Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup

Find the way to block the blooks.
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Blooket aims to merge gaming and learning with interactive games that teach while you play. The games are varied in nature such as a quiz game where you try to answer faster than your opponents. It also has holiday specific game modes like Santa’s Workshop to keep things fresh.

Despite the games being catered to a younger audience, they can be fun for all ages. A popular one is Tower Defense, where players place towers based mostly on animals. The games can go on for hundreds of rounds and the enemies get progressively stronger. So, eventually, you have less room for mistakes, and have to start incorporating strategy.

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What Is the Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup?

In Blooket’s Tower Defense, you need to pay attention to your resources as you will be buying, selling, and upgrading towers with tokens as needed. In addition, you get tokens for answering questions at the start of rounds.

The maps work on a grid system so you’ll use (x,y) to coordinate and know where to place towers. This means that (6,9) would mean where the 6th tile starting from the left and going right and the 9th tile starting from the bottom and going up meet.

Early Rounds

The first 20 rounds or so are pretty easy as long as you have a good number of tokens each round. Even without them, as long as you have good placement and towers, it shouldn’t be that difficult. You want to start working on your owls immediately. Eventually they should occupy the entire y-axis on the far right. They’re long-range snipers and will serve as your last line of defense. But they’re a slow build as you’ll be upgrading them throughout the rounds. For now, put them in the upper right-hand corner.

In the interim, you’ll need strong towers to stop the blooks. You’ll want to have wizards near the entrance at (4,7) and (4,8) as they’ll be able to deal with most of the early ones. Start placing unicorns in the center as they will remain there for most of the upcoming rounds.

Mid Rounds

21-50 start ramping up the difficulty and you’ll want to start ramping up as well. The key here is trying to get unicorns, dragons, and owls for most of your spaces.  Start upgrading the unicorns you placed earlier as well as replacing the wizards you had with dragons. You can either focus on placing a few more dragons near the entrance or starting their upgrades. Leave some of the turns like (3,5) free for a jester. They buff your unit and will be hopeful for blooks past round 50. Wherever there’s a turn, make sure there’s a jester in the vicinity. Otherwise, most of these squares should be dragons.

Late rounds

In 50-100 we’re maxing towers and filling out the board. You’ll want to max most of the units you have before filling out the board. You can start adding a few owls to the right and dragons near the left entrance. Afterwards, start upgrading your units. Then you can start placing units.

Eventually you’ll want unicorns to fill your bottom x-axis and the center. Dragons will fill the left-hand side near the entrance and top x-axis except the right-hand corner. The remaining sides on the bottom right and left as well as the top right will be owls. Finally, you want jesters near turns along the path to give units a boost.

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