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Best Bastard Build in Lies of P

The Bastard of Speed
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Lies of P may indeed be the most faithful Soulslike to ever exist. Known previously for their MMO game Bless Unleashed, Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio make their official debut in the gaming industry, moving far from the MMO reboot. With every proper Soulslike comes the core gameplay mechanic in surviving every Boss fight – dodge rolling or parrying. Previous Dark Souls Bosses such as Pontiff Sulyvahn relied heavily on a perfectly timed guard to counterattack against stunned enemies, this mechanic is also in the spotlight for Life of Pi. But for players like myself who enjoy the dodge roll animation and gain great satisfaction after successfully avoiding devastating combo, the dodge is best used for those under the Bastard Class.

The Bastard is selected at the beginning of the game, focusing on Speed, Vigor (Stamina), and Technique. Technique is the most important part of these Builds as they control Pinocchio’s ability to use Light Weapons. This is Vincent’s guide on the best starting and end Bastard Build in Lies of P.

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Best Builds for Technique in Lies of P?

The builds we will describe will include Technique Weapons, Handles, Amulets, Fable Art, and combat summaries when face-to-face with specific Bosses. All offer the best early and end game Builds to focus on obtaining/aiming for with Ergo farming and naturally playing through Lies of P.

From the starting Wintry Rapier and where to go from there (Puppet’s Saber) to finding and grinding the best Technique Weapons in the game such as Two Dragons, Dancer’s Curved Sword, Puppet Ripper, and Trident of the Covenant. Focus on putting a ton of Ergo into Vitality, Vigor, and of course Technique as these are the fundamentals of the Bastard Build.

Now let’s dive into the best Bastard Builds you can use in Lies of P, from the start to see through the game to its end.

Best Starting Technique Build in Lies of P

Although the highest damage output in Starter Weapons comes from the Greatsword of Fate, the Technique Build focuses on Speed, being able to evade enemy attacks through the classic dodge roll. Because of this, the Wintry Rapier (Bastard Class) is your best option for decent damage output, where its Handle can be taken from it for its swift move set that offers a charge attack followed instinctively by a dodge animation (allowing you to dodge automatically out of the way after using it).

Pairing the Wintry Rapier Handle with the Puppet’s Saber offers a much-needed damage boost that can get you through the early Boss fights – Parade Master, Mad Donkey, Scrapped Watchman, Survivor (Optional), and King’s Flame Fuoco.

When it comes to Fable Arts, Amulets, and Legion Arm. We highly recommend using the Fulminis Legion Arm against the Bosses listed above (aside from Survivor) as each deals critical damage and stun effects against Puppets and Fuoco in Lies of P. Imbuing your blade with Electric Blitz or having it available as a Throwable (Canister) will also help a lot with extra damage however its effects do not last particularly long. For the early game, Amulets such as Life (Max HP increase), Assassin (Crit ATK increase), and Puppet Destroyer (damage increase on Puppets) will aid you a lot when taking on Puppet Bosses.

Putting your Ergo into stats: Technique and Vigor until roughly Level 15-20 will provide you with much-needed Stamina to evade attacks and still have enough to counterattack. Of course, upgrading your Vitality throughout is super efficient as this offers access to guard, parry, and regenerate health with your reserved Vigor to get in fast and swift attacks that can stack for a staggering effect. Stagger is crucial to beating Bosses and it can easily be achieved by successfully executing combos of Charged Attacks followed by Basic Attacks.

Best End Game Technique Build in Lies of P

When it comes to defeating Bosses in the late game, you should have moved on from the Rapier/Saber and onto something more effective and efficient in the damage category. Whilst the Puppet Saber is great (so long as you keep it upgraded as you progress throughout the game via Eugenie in Hotel Krat), this will not provide sufficient damage against higher-leveled and more complicated move set bearers such as Simon Manus, Champion Victor, and Green Monster Of The Swamp. Because of this, making the switch to a more appropriate Technique Weapon is necessary here.

We highly recommend the Dancer’s Curved Sword (found near Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer), Puppet Ripper, Trident of the Covenant, or Two Dragons Sword. What you can do is opt for the Dancer’s Curved Sword Handle and use it with any of the other Technique Weapons we have highlighted as this offers the Guard Parry Fable Art, putting your Vitality and Vigor to the test and providing players with a more balanced playstyle or dodge rolling and parrying when most necessary.

Alternatively, using the Ripper, Trident or Two Dragons Sword is sufficient on its own as being the most powerful Technique Weapons in the game. These offer high damage Slashes capable of staggering the opponent in front of you with its wide range and heavy attacks. When it comes to the best Legion Arm to use, opt for either the Aegis to help perfect the Guard Parry, or Falcon Eyes to deal damage from afar where you can swiftly move in using your regenerated Vigor to stack combos.

When it comes to stats, we recommend these as follows on what to aim for in the end game of Lies of P:

  • Vitality – 20
  • Vigor – 18
  • Capacity – 12
  • Motivity – 5
  • Technique – 40
  • Advance – 8

Of course, it does not need to be as accurate as what we have outlined above but hitting somewhere close to these numbers will do the trick for your Technique Bastard Build. Vitality, Vigor, and Technique are the most crucial aspects of Lies of P when it comes to perfecting your Bastard Build. Finally, we recommend the Amulets – Assassin’s (Crit ATK increase), Awakened God’s (Fable Art damage increase on Staggered enemies), and Recharged (HP regeneration).

Those were our recommendations on the best Bastard Build to use in Lies of P, from Starter Weapons to End-Game Amulets and Fable Arts. We hope this article gave you inspiration in your own Bastard Build for Lies of P. For other Soulslike games we recommend, feel free to check out Best Classes in Lunacid and Best Archetype Combos in Remnant 2. Give our Facebook page a follow if you are interested in reading more from us.

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