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Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile

Decimate the battleground with these weapons!
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For fans of the older generation of Call of Duty (COD) games, COD Mobile is a game you can enjoy to grind. Due to the handheld nature of the game, COD Mobile feels like a neat experience for those yearning for a few daily games on Crash. There are many familiar weapons from past and current COD games, and more are being added with every update. Taking a look at one of the more popular categories of artillery, Assault Rifles are some of the best-represented guns in the game. As such, figuring out which are the best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile can be difficult. We’re going to dive right in and name a few guns that you’ll want to keep your eye on.

When it comes to Assault Rifles, there are very few that you can go wrong with. Our list is going to cover the seven best Assault Rifles that we’ve found throughout the game. However, as stated earlier, more weapons are continuously added in updates, so this list might change occasionally. With that being said, make sure to come back when new updates drop to see if there’s anything new on the list.

Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile

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Image via Activision Publishing

Here’s the table of our favorite weapon choices in COD Mobile:

Weapon NameMagazine SizeRecoilReload Time
AK-4730 RoundsModerate/Low-Tac Reload: 1.63s
-Empty Reload: 1.67
Maddox40 RoundsVery Low-Tac Reload: 1.43s
-Empty Reload: 1.30
AS VAL25 RoundsModerate2s
CR-56 AMAX30 RoundsModerate/Low-Tac Reload: 2.1s
-Empty Reload: 2.6s
M1330 RoundsLow-Tac Reload: 2.5s
-Empty Reload: 2.7s
Krig 630 RoundsLow-Tac Reload: 1.24s
-Empty Reload: 1.3s
Grau 5.5630 RoundsLow-Tac Reload: 1.10s
-Empty Reload: 1.30s

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As you can see from the list, the lower the recoil on an AR, the better it can be. Since most people will be playing on a phone, you can easily slide your finger down too much, and your phone drops out of your hands and into the toilet. To prevent this and to guarantee a good gunfight against anyone, weapons like the Maddox or even Grau 5.56 will benefit you tremendously.

All of the stats shown are base weapon stats, so things like reload speed and even mag size, can change depending on the attachments you equip. Having said that, if the weapon you’re looking at already has low reload speed, such as the Krig 6, then attachments like a speed mag can further reduce your already low reloading time. However, any of these Assault Rifles provide you with some of the best damage dealers in the entire game.

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