Best Alliance Daggers in Classic WoW

Whether you’re busy leveling or raiding end game content, this list of Alliance daggers will come in handy if you play a rogue or caster. There are many different daggers in Classic World of Warcraft that can be attained from questing and random world drops. This list contains all of the daggers from the Alliance side, sorted from worst to best.

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Keep in mind that new daggers will continue being added as the new phases are released. The list below contains daggers up to Phase 3, so at the time of writing this you cannot get your hands on the PvP daggers or any drops from Blackwing Lair. You can, however, get your hands on the high-end daggers from Molten Core to carry you through to the end game.

Alliance Daggers Spreadsheet

Dagger NameLevelDPSFromLink
Stiletto 33.3Vendor
Anvilmar Knife 4 (1)1.9Quest
Militia Dagger 4 (2)2Quest
Thistlewood Dagger 4 (3)2.1Quest
Copper Dagger 65Blacksmithing
Camping Knife 6-8 (3-7)3.2Quest
Pruning Knife 7-9 (4-6)4.1Quest
Long Bayonet 10 (8)4.4Quest
Craftsman’s Dagger 10-11 (9)6.8Quest
Blade of Cunning 10 (10)6.8Class Quest
Jambiya 117.1Vendor
Curvewood Dagger 14 (12)7Quest
Poniard 148.5Vendor
Big Bronze Knife 1510Blacksmithing
Scrimshaw Dagger 15-17 (10-15)8.9Dungeon Quest
Pearl-handled Dagger 1811.5Blacksmithing
Thornblade 18-20 (16-18)10Quest
Kris 1910.9Vendor
Deadly Bronze Poniard 2012.8Blacksmithing
Relic Blade 20-24 (16-17)10Quest
Tail Spike 21 (17)11.1Dungeon Drop
Talon of Vultros 26 (21)16.8Rare Mob Drop
Blackvenom Blade 26 (21)18.9Rare Mob Drop
Prison Shank 26 (21)16.7Rare Mob Drop
Bite of Serra’kis 26 (23)17.7Dungeon Drop
Meteor Shard 26 (24)18.3Dungeon Drop
Broad Bladed Knife 2716.8Vendor
Daring Dirk 2917.5Vendor
Glinting Steel Dagger 3118.7Blacksmithing
Toxic Revenger 30 (27)20.5Dungeon Drop
Swinetusk Shank 33 (30)23Dungeon Drop
Howling Blade 36 (31)23.9Rare Mob Drop
Hypnotic Blade37 (34)26.8Dungeon Drop
Rondel 3924.1Vendor
Black Menace 39-40 (34)29.7Dungeon Quest
Coldrage Dagger 41 (39)29.7Dungeon Drop
Ceremonial Elven Blade 43-46 (40-42)26.7Quest
Gahz’rilla Fang 46 (42)28.1Dungeon Drop
Ebon Shiv 4630.3Blacksmithing
Satyr’s Lash 47 (45)33.2Dungeon Drop
Lifeforce Dirk 44-53 (40-44)35.9Dungeon Quest
Dire Nail 55 (51)36.7Dungeon Drop
Hunt Tracker Blade 57 (55)33.7Quest
Skilled Fighting Blade 54-58 (48-53)35.7Dungeon Quest
Charstone Dirk51 (49)35.9Dungeon Drop
Hookfang Shanker 52 (49)35.7Dungeon Drop
Barman Shanker 55 (50)36.5Dungeon Drop
Keris of Zul’Serak 59 (55)39.4Dungeon Drop
Frightalon 60 (56)40Dungeon Quest Mob
Darrowspike 60 (56-59)41.3Dungeon Quest
Fang of the Crystal Spider 60 (56)40.3Rare Mob Drop
Specter’s Blade 60 (57)40.8Dungeon Quest Mob
Bonescraper 60 (57)40.7Dungeon Drop
Heartseeker 5841.5Blacksmithing
Felstriker 60 (58)45.6Raid Drop
Gutgore Ripper 6050.6Raid Drop
Core Hound Tooth 6051.3Raid Drop
Perdition’s Blade 6058.3Raid Drop
Distracting Dagger 60 (57)40.8Dungeon Drop
Grand Marshal’s Dirk 6059.5PvP Reward
Sentinel’s Blade 60 (58)41.5PvP Reward
Glacial Blade 6042.5PvP Reward
The Lobotomizer 6047.2PvP Reward
Dragonfang Blade 6055.3Raid Drop

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