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Best Abilities For Each Character in Wayfinder

Pick the ability, not the character.
Wayfinder Classes
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Unlike most MMORPGs on the market today, Wayfinder doesn’t allow players to select their race and class to create a character. Instead, you’ll choose a champion. These heroes vary in their skills, abilities, and playstyles, and with six available to start, there’s something for everyone. But what are the best abilities for each character in Wayfinder? Let’s find out!

Best Character Abilities in Wayfinder

At the game’s launch, there are six available characters to choose from, including:

  • Wingrave
  • Silo
  • Niss
  • Senja
  • Kyros
  • Venomess

Each one has a unique set of abilities that set them apart, allowing you to choose the playstyle that fits you personally. From stealth to area-of-effect damage to the iconic tank class popular in all other role-playing games, Wayfinder has something for everyone!

Best Abilities for Wingrave

While Wingrave, the tank-like class of Wayfinder, is often considered one of the weakest starting characters in the game, when played right, he’s a powerhouse. Furthermore, Wingrave is one of the most versatile, all-around classes in the game, offering high damage output and healing abilities to keep both yourself and the entire team alive.

Right now, his best ability is a toss-up between Judgment and Righteous Strike. In this instance, however, we have to go with the latter. Righteous Strike slams into enemies with an explosive melee strike while also healing nearby teammates. It’s a two-fold combo that can turn the tide of battle!

Best Abilities for Silo

Wayfinder Silo
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Silo is another character often considered as bottom-tier in Wayfinder. Despite the community’s perception of him, Silo is able to directly control the whole battlefield, dealing with an entire mob of enemies solo.

When it comes to abilities, Silo’s Fire and Oil Bombs pair extremely well to create a devastating area-of-effect attack that can deal a ton of damage to mobs. Start by tossing an oil bomb to coat the field, then follow up with a fire bomb to ignite the entire mess and light up the bad guys.

Best Abilities for Niss

Wayfinder Niss
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If the community had to choose a favorite character in Wayfinder, it would likely be Niss. She’s a top-tier glass cannon capable of stealth and quick movements., all thanks to her various skills that allow her to dash or dodge out of harm’s way.

When it comes to choosing just one of the best abilities in Wayfinder for Niss, however, we have to go with Umbral Aura. It’s an ability that imbues Niss with Umbral magic, allowing her next three dodges to cause shadow damage to a nearby enemy. Not only will you tactically retreat and live to fight another day, but chances are high you’ll take an enemy with you!

Best Abilities for Senja

Wayfinder Senja
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While Wingrave is definitely a versatile tank, Senja is the ultimate tank-like class. She’s a powerhouse capable of devastating attacks and defensive buffs to keep herself and the team alive. That said, she’s quite slow.

When it comes to Senja’s abilities, however, we have to choose Lightning Pull. It’s one of the most exciting and captivating abilities. Lighting Pull uses a bolt of lighting to pull a group of enemies in a large radius toward Senja. It’s perfect for crowd-controlling low-level mobs before a boss fight.

Best Abilities for Kyros

Wayfinder Kyros
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If you want to play the traditional DPS class in Wayfinder, then choose Kyros. He’s a deadly mixture of magic and melee, dealing massive amounts of damage to foes. Like Niss, however, Kyros is a glass cannon with little in the way of defensive capabilities. But you don’t need defense when your enemies are dead!

As for his abilities, Kyros excels with Siphon Radiant. It’s a powerful explosive spell that releases a massive wave of energy in a circle directly around Kyros, dealing high amounts of damage and absorbing arcane power while also reducing cooldowns and granting a single Arcane Fragment. You see, there’s a lot going on with Siphon Radiant. If enemies get too close, pop this ability for some breathing room!

Best Abilities for Venomess

Wayfinder Venomess
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If you prefer to play MMORPGs as a support class, like a healer or debuff machine, then Venomess is right up your alley. She’s perfect for those who enjoy status effects, using poison, needles, and bombs to deal damage over time.

Regarding her best ability, however, Venomess’ Deep Breath is devastating. It’s a damage-dealing explosion that also applies 5 stacks of Empowered Venom, which deals additional damage over time and counts as Venom for the Master of Venoms and Transfusion. As her abilities primarily debuff, it’s often best to play Venomess as part of a group, though certainly not a requirement!

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