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Best Solo Class in Wayfinder

One solo class to rule them all!
Wayfinder MMORPG Classes
Image via Airship Syndicate

While Wayfinder launched in a somewhat rocky state, developer Airship Syndicate is quickly regaining its footing by releasing bug fixes, server stability patches, and updates to the core gameplay of their highly-anticipated MMORPG. For those who can look past the troubling launch, there’s a fun game with plenty to explore. But like any good MMORPG, it’s all about the grind. Here is the best solo class in Wayfinder for those who want to play their massively multiplayer games as an antisocial warrior!

All Available Classes in Wayfinder

In all, there are six playable classes in Wayfinder. These include:

  • Wingrave
  • Silo
  • Niss
  • Senja
  • Kyros
  • Venomess

You’re not playing as a class in the traditional sense, like with other popular MMORPGs on the market, but instead as a character. They’re hero classes with abilities, passive skills, and voice acting to complete their persona.

Your overall build stems from the weaponry you use and the Affinity and Mastery selections.

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Best Solo Class in Wayfinder

Image via Airship Syndicate

Hands down, the best solo class in Wayfinder is Wingrave. He’s a melee-focused tank-like class with a high survivability rating. Of the many heroes in the game, Wingrave is also the least complex. He’s a straightforward Paladin-adjacent character type that fits into numerous roles but excels as a damage-dealing tank capable of popping shield abilities to keep himself and his team alive. His numerous healing abilities will also keep him and everyone in the party alive and in the fight.

Wingrave is an ideal solo class for players either new to action role-playing games or new to the MMORPG genre as a whole.

Wingrave’s Skills

  • Righteous Strike: Hitting an enemy leads to an explosion of healing energy that will heal both Wingave and nearby allies.
  • Radiant Pulse: Form a Divine Shield to block incoming projectiles and bolster defense for Wingrave and allies standing behind the shield.
  • Judgment: Mark enemies for judgment, a debuff that provides healing for the player whenever you strike an afflicted enemy.
  • Divine Aegis: A durable barrier that prevents all incoming damage to anyone who stands behind it while also healing over time.

Passive Ability

  • Healing Pulse: A melee finish heals Wingrave and a single nearby ally.

Wayfinder Solo Tips and Tricks

While playing the best solo class in Wayfinders, even if you choose someone other than Wingrave, a few solo tips and tricks can go a long way!

  • Weapon crafting is quite complex and requires a lot of work and resources. Keep an eye on your crafting projects by using the ‘F’ key to view which materials are required for your crafting item.
  • Like Diablo, a loot goblin will occasionally appear on the map, just like in other games. Kill the goblin to receive Gems of Avarice, which you require for additional weapons.
  • In the starting zone, The Highlands, there are numerous minibosses scattered about the game world that will drop Echoes when killed. It’s wise to farm these drops, as you require them for crafting and leveling.
  • Try to avoid joining missions when you’re well below the power level. This is an unfortunate way to upset other players and wind up dying instead of excelling at the dungeon or boss fight.
  • When spending Affinity Points, take your time. You cannot reset these points, and there is a finite number of them available to each class, so choose wisely!

Wayfinder promises a unique blend of MOBA and MMORPG that, when everything is ironed out, should prove addicting for those who enjoy group content and power leveling! Stay tuned for more GJ guides on Wayfinder, like learning how to unlock every character!

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