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The Best Gorilla Tag Mods

Let's mod those monkeys!
A purple gorilla wearing a birthday hat
Image via Another Axiom

You all heard the phrase “back to monke,” which refers to simplifying our lifestyle in a way that resembles our primate ancestors. In a way, I can understand why people would like that. No job, no stress, just swing from vine to vine. Fortunately, some games put the players in the role of monkeys, so you can live your ideal monkey life without going full-on Tarzan.

There’s no doubt that one of the most exciting games on VR these days is the free game, Gorilla Tag. It gives players a rush of adrenaline whilst playing that really can’t be compared to another title. But while Gorilla Tag may be fun, it could always be a bit better. That’s why today, we’re going to show you what we think are the absolute best 7 Gorilla Tag mods available right now! Let’s check them out!

The Best Gorilla Tag Mods

The modding community put their collective hands on Gorilla Tag, making some really great mods to enhance the gaming experience of being a monkey. Here are some of the mods we picked as the best.

International Space Station

Image by Another Axiom/ Bobbie

The main point of Gorilla Tag games is to use your environment to the maximum potential. Regardless of the environment, every map provides another opportunity to explore and outsmart your opponents. In this game, you would have to jump across roofs, swing from tree branches, and even creep into sewers.

What place could be more exhilarating than an ISS map created by Bobbie with the monkey mod? Gorilla Tag gets taken to space on this map! We love this Gorilla Tag hack because it fits in so well with the absurdity of the game.

Bikini Bottom

Image by Another Axiom / Erik151515

Who hasn’t loved SpongeBob throughout the years? The Bikini Bottom neighborhood, home of the Krusty Krab, is recreated on this map. The creator Erik151515 describes it as “SpongeBob, but in monkey” pure entertainment.

Gorilla Tag isn’t a game we play for cutting-edge immersion, but it is for fun and laughter. One of the greatest Gorilla Tag mods for a fun-filled evening spent with the monkey brothers is this one.

New York City

Image by Another Axiom/ Bobbie

Millions of people are swarming the streets of New York City, clogging them with traffic and causing automobiles and buses to pass at breakneck speed. There is only one thing lacking from this concrete jungle to be complete. Gorillas, a lots of gorillas. And Bobbie made it possible.

This map features a cityscape that was inspired by New York City, one of the most recognizable large cities in America. Your objective is to find your way to every landmark on the map, which features some of the most famous buildings in the city, including the Empire State Building.

Gorilla Texture Packs

Image by Another Axiom/ fchb1239

With texture packs made by fhcb1239, you may customize your new ape avatar to express your personality. There’s enjoyment to be had with the visuals in this delightfully hilarious game, even though the sharp graphics and gorgeous art direction aren’t the game’s strongest points.

You are able to easily modify the few textures in the game using this simple mod. The modifications are rather simple because Gorilla Tag isn’t a really complex game. To be the gorilla ball’s belle, experiment with different color and texture combinations.

Super Mario 64 Minecraft

Image by Another Axiom/ Pangwen

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. The creator Pangwen made a Super Mario 64 castle made in Minecraft and put it inside a Gorilla Tag map. That’s three games at once, and I assume quite a delight for Nintendo’s legal team. Jokes aside, this map looks supremely fun.

Along with the lovely meadows and trees in the vicinity, Peach’s famous castle and its moat bridge are present in all their splendor. Even though you won’t be able to gather any bananas or stars in this blocky customized environment, it’s still worth a few enjoyable hours.

Long Arms

Image by Another Axiom/ jona939s

Starting out our list is a great mod made by jona939s for players to use if they’re having trouble getting around. The Long Arms mod gives you, obviously, longer arms so that you can reach platforms and objects much easier than normal. It’s a real game-changer.

Despite sounding like a basic mod, Long Arms is an actual game-changer. With longer reach, you can grasp objects and platforms that were previously unreachable. This mod greatly improves your mobility and accessibility and amps the gameplay.

Air Jump

Image by Another Axiom / fchb1239

If you want to be able to get places even easier than with Long Arms, then try out the fchb1239’s Air Jump mod. This mod allows players to go wherever they want when they want. It’s kind of a real cheat, as players can literally go anywhere on the maps, but it can be fun for exploring.

The principle is simple: you click the mouse button, and a platform appears under your feet. Your monkey can walk around on those platforms and go where no other monkey has ever gone before.

Eyerock Mod Menu

Image by Another Axiom / Mango_

The Eyerock Mod Menu by Mango_ gives players a large plethora of mini-mods to interact with and bring into the game. Air Jump is included, as well as a Tag Gun and even a Teleport Gun. This is sure to cause some trouble. This mod package allows your monkeys some really entertaining gameplay options.

Transform into a car monkey, turn on a speed boost, alter every aesthetic feature, and more. Take care when using this mod, and stay away from public lobbies and online gaming. As long as you know the other apes in the room, private lobbies are secure.

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Eyerock Menu All Cosmetics

mage by Another Axiom / Exil_S

If the Mod Menu piqued your interest, then consider trying out the All Cosmetics Menu by Exil_S. It does just what you think it does; it gives you access to all of the game’s cosmetic items! So give it a shot and play dress-up with your gorilla!

This mod gives you access to almost all client-sided cosmetics, so you can take your time and give your monkeys some aesthetic boost. Like the previous mod, you have to be careful when you use it. Using this mod on public servers might get you banned.


Image by Another Axiom / nyri0

Did you ever wonder what Hogwarts would look like in Planet of the Apes? Well, me neither, but someone apparently did. Thankfully, the game allows for the use of map mods, and it gives players a lot of freedom in creating their own worlds.

On the flip side of the mods are the locations to take in-game. One of the best available is nyri0’s map of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter films. It’s a fully-explorable map of the Hogwarts school grounds!


Image by Another Axiom / Toasty Skater

If you’re a Minecraft player, too, then you may be excited to know that there’s a great Minecraft map to explore as well! It usually goes another way, other games get featured in Minecraft. The map is made by a modder, Toasty Skater.

The Minecraft aesthetics fit surprisingly well in Gorilla Tag, so your monkeys will feel like at home. You can swing around in a recognizable Minecraft environment and do whatever a monkey does among the cubes.

Tick-Tock Clock

Image by Another Axiom / RedBrumbler

There’s a whole bunch of mods for Gorilla Tag that are set in the Super Mario 64 world. That shouldn’t seem unusual because those two games are pretty similar in terms of gameplay. Both are platforms with a lot of jumps, and both have monkeys among the characters.

Quite possibly, the perfect mod map available, though, is RedBrumbler’s mod of Mario 64’s Tick-Tock Clock! It’s a vertical map with some really great swing and platforming sections for gorillas to play tag. It’s the best of the best!

So, now you’ve gotten all of the best 7 Gorilla Tag mods available right now! Be sure to check out some of our other Gorilla Tag content too, such as “How to Get Gorilla Tag Mods on Oculus Quest 2”. And don’t forget to check out the Gamer Journalist Facebook page and like it to be kept up to date on current topics!

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