How to get Nodens' Arc Mythical Isu Bow
Image via Reddit/ACValhalla

Nodens’ Arc is a Mythical Hunter Bow in Assassins Creed Valhalla that has been hiding in the game since release. It’s allegedly one of four Isu weapons in the game, and you’ll need to follow a few steps to find it. Here’s how to get Nodens’ Arc Mythical Hunter Bow in AC Valhalla.

How to get Nodens’ Arc Mythical Isu Bow

You’ll need to head up to the northern area of Northumbria, to Eurvicscire, near the Brunson Turret fast travel location. There’s a large lake in the area, with a small island in the southern portion of the water. Once you arrive at the lake, swim to the small island. 

You should see an iron-looking ore node on the island that is sparkling. Unfortunately, hitting it with any item does not break it, so you’ll need to do a bit of trickery. 

  • Hit the rock
  • Save your game
  • Reload the same save you made
  • Hit the rock again
  • Save and reload your game again

After reloading into your game after the second save, the rock should now be broken. You will also see a notification on your screen’s top right saying you received Nodens’ Arc Hunter Bow. 

The strategy may not work for you the first couple of times, so you might need to repeat the entire process. Some players report reloading from an older save state, heading back to the island, and trying again. After doing so, they could finally repeat the rock-hitting method to get the bow. 

Eventually, you should get your bow by following the steps above. The mythical bow comes already upgraded, so it’s a very nice piece of equipment to add to your arsenal. Seeing as how it’s already partially upgraded, you won’t need to waste many resources getting it maxed out.