Archero Promo Codes

Archero Promo Codes – free gems and scrolls (May 2024)

Archero is an arcade action mobile game available for iOS and Android. Players control an archer that must slay monsters using abilities to progress through the game. Our Archero promo codes list contains working codes you can use for in-game rewards like coins, gems, and more. You can use any of these codes to redeem for free upgrades to things like weapons, armors, pets, and more skills. 

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Archero Promo Codes

Here’s a list of working Archero promo codes:

  • goodarcher: Gems x20, Coins x5,000, Gold Key
  • archeroduo: Gems x20, Coins x2,000, Ring
  • archerogo: Gems x20, Sapphires x20, Scrolls
  • archerofun: Gems x20, Coins x5,000, Gold Key
  • archerowin: Gems x20, Coins x2,000, Bright Robe

Players can unlock an exclusive code by linking their Facebook and Archero accounts. Go to the Habby Anniversary page and link up your accounts. After that, you will redirect to a browser version of the game. Following the process will unlock an exclusive code you can use for the Anniversary Pack. 

How to Redeem Codes

While you are in-game, tap on the gear icon to get into the settings. On the bottom, you can see a button saying “Insert Promo Code,” where you can copy and paste or type in any of the codes above. After entering it, tap on “claim,” and you should receive your reward.

That’s all there is to it. Feel free to bookmark this page and check back any time for updates. We will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest working codes whenever new ones release.

Archero is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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