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Arathi Basin Release Date Classic WoW

Arathi Basin Release Date Classic

Arathi Basin is the third battleground to release in World of Warcraft Classic. This battleground is located in Arathi Highlands and consists of two teams of fifteen players. Alliance and Horde battle it out for control over five resource nodes.

Each resource node generates resources and the first team to accumulate 2,000 resources wins the game. Similar to Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley, there are level range brackets for this battleground every ten levels starting at level 20.

Arathi Basin Release Date Classic WoW

Arathi Basin is set to release on March 11th at 3:00 PM PDT. This comes from a recent Blizzard post announced on the forums. Zul’Gurub and the Dragons of Nightmare will be released the following month in April.

How to Enter Arathi Basin

There are two different entrances to Arathi Basin, both of which are located in the Arathi Highlands. The Alliance portal can be found in Refuge Point and the Horde portal can be found in Hammerfall. Battlemasters can also queue you into the battlegrounds from each of the major cities.

NPCs are located at each of the portals where you can turn in Marks of Honor in exchange for reputation. This reputation can be used to obtain rewards from The League of Arathor and The Defilers in each of the respective Arathi Highlands towns.

Capturing Resource Nodes

There are five different resource nodes to capture and hold in Arathi Basin:

  • The Farm – located right outside the Horde spawn point and is usually the first point captured on Horde side.
  • The Blacksmith – the central and most contested node on the map.
  • The Lumber Mill – the second most contested node on the map overlooking the rest of the basin.
  • The Stables – located right outside the Alliance spawn point and equivalent to The Farm for Horde.
  • The Mine – northeast of the map located in a dugout mine area, and easily the least desirable node out of the five.

The ideal strategy is to cap all five nodes and hold them until your team accumulates 2,000 resources. However, a more realistic strategy for pickup games is three-capping Farm or Stables, Blacksmith, and Lumber Mill.

In addition to Arathi Basin, Blizzard announced the release of Zul’Gurub along with the Dragons of Nightmare the following month in April.

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