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The Old Ways Lore Event is an upcoming event in Apex Legends running from April 7 through April 21, 2020. Starting on April 7, Duos will be added along with a permanent map rotation. Duo and Trio teams will be able to pick between Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.

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The Old Ways Lore Event

There is also a brand new limited-time event called The Old Ways Lore Event. Old Ways Lore will feature:

  • New Town Takeover
  • Exclusive Event Prize Track
  • Direct Purchase Shop

New Town Takeover

An increase in the prowler population created an idea in Bloodhound’s mind. Put humans against the beasts to maintain the ecosystem. Bloodhound’s Trials will have players put up against hoards of prowlers while claiming high-tier loot rewards.

Enemy players may be your biggest annoyance, as you have to compete against them for scavenging goods. Be sure not to forget about the enclosure, especially while Bloodhound is on your side.

Exclusive Event Prize Track

You will be able to complete daily challenges in order to earn exclusive cosmetics inspired by the latest Stories from the Outlands: The Old Ways short video. Players seemed to enjoy the prize track feature implemented in the Grand Soiree and System Override events, so The Old Ways will continue with that. Here are the rewards:

Players can earn up to 1000 points for each challenge set and the set refreshes daily. You can also complete your Battle Pass challenges simultaneously.

Direct Purchase Shop

New exclusive skins are being added into the game based on The Old Ways digital short, much like the Wraith skin from the Voidwalker event. A mix of legendary skins inspired by the short will also be included. Here’s the scheduled release for each item:

Lastly, Legendary Hunt Skins will be making a comeback. Eight Legendary Hunt Skins will be offered for direct purchase plus an additional two recolored variant of the Wraith and R-301 skins that were once exclusive to BP owners. These cosmetics will not be available outside of special occasions like this event.

Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands “The Old Ways” digital short

In a small village rejecting the machines, a child is sent into the wilds in a rite of passage. The child soon realizes their kind is the hunted and not the hunter. Learn about the Old Ways and see a scared youth become the Bloodhunter. Here’s a video of The Old Ways digital short from EA:

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