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Animal Shelter Simulator: 4 Tips to Make Pets Happy

Show your furry friends some love.
animal shelter simulator pet dog
Image via Games Incubator

Speaking as someone who used to volunteer at an animal shelter, it’s a deceptively difficult and intense business. You want all of those critters to get adopted as soon as possible, all while ensuring they have the best lives you can realistically provide. Animal Shelter Simulator provides a taste of this hectic work, but if you need some advice, we can lend you a paw. Here are some tips to make pets happy in Animal Shelter Simulator.

Animal Shelter Simulator: 4 Tips to Make Pets Happy

Every animal in your shelter has a heart meter on their profile that fills or lowers as you care for them. This meter is an indicator of both their happiness and general state of health; when it’s full, their traits and home preferences are revealed to you, which is what allows you to match them up with an ideal home.

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When it comes to caring for the prospective pets under your supervision in Animal Shelter Simulator, most of the how-tos are matters of common sense. If you’ve ever owned a cat or dog in your life, you probably know that they want to be properly fed, cleaned, and shown affection. This, in turn, makes them happier, and that makes them more adoptable.

Clean and Groom Your Animals

animal shelter simulator clean dog
Image via Games Incubator

Contrary to what some stereotypes may imply, both cats and dogs prefer to be clean rather than dirty. Whenever your critters are looking a bit grody, give them a proper rinsing and brushing to get them nice and clean. Not only does this improve an animal’s mood, but it staves off health complications like infections.

Keep Your Animals Well-Fed

Obviously, all of your animals need to be fed, but it’s not just a matter of dumping out a bag of kibble and calling it a day. All of your animals need to be fed and watered regularly throughout the day with an amount and quality of food unique to each one. Some animals may have particular preferences or dietary restrictions, so be mindful of the quality of food you order for them.

Mind Your Animals’ Health

As we’ve covered, cleaning and feeding your animals helps to keep them nice and healthy. That said, they can still be inflicted with physical ailments and disease, either by chance or when you first take them in. Make sure any sick animals receive immediate medical attention. You can order medical supplies like medicine and bandages, and send blood samples to the vet to determine what exactly you need to do. Even small ailments can have a major impact on an animal’s mood and overall health.

Show Your Animals Some Love

A big factor in rehoming stray cats and dogs is keeping them acclimated to human company and attention. The best way to provide this is with some good old-fashioned affection. If you’ve got the money for it, buy your animals nice beds and toys, and give them a good pet once in a while. Remember, all of your animals need your attention, so don’t take in more than you can realistically manage.

Ensuring your animals’ happiness and health will go a long way toward finding the perfect forever home for each of them, and that’s what this line of work is all about.

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