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How to Make an Animal Pen in RimWorld 1.3

Herd the animals in an animal pen!
Image via Ludeon Studios

In the 1.3 update to RimWorld, the game allows for the construction of animal pens. Pens can help to ensure that animals aren’t able to escape your colony. But, how are these animal pens constructed? Here’s everything you need to know in order to build an animal pen in RimWorld 1.3.

PLEASE NOTE: While pens are helpful, if you’re experiencing issues with predators killing your tamed animals, the solution is likely not to build an animal pen. If predators find their way across the barrier, nothing will stop them from munching on your beloved animals. Just keep this in mind!!

How to Build an Animal Pen

It can be fairly confusing how to create animal pens in your colony. But, once you’ve figured it out, all of your confusion will likely melt away. In order to successfully build animal pens, you’ll need three separate ingredients, so-to-speak: Fences, Gates, and Pen Markers.

Fences can be used to mark the pen’s borders, and are constructed using a variety of stones and metals. Gates are self-explanatory; they exist as entrances for animals and pawns to enter the pen. Pen Markers are effectively signposts that indicate which animals are kept in each pen.

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To create an animal pen in RimWorld 1.3, you can use each of these items in any order you’d like. But, it’s likely easier to start with laying a Fence (with a Gate!) and then building Pen Markers. To find Fences and Gates, check the Structure group, which can be found in the Architect menu. To build Pen Markers, you’ll look within the Misc. menu. It can also help to build a barn within the pen, so animals have a place to lay eggs and sleep. There are other options for you at this point, but we’ll leave those to you.

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