Animal Crossing New Horizons June Bugs

A brand new month has arrived, which means there are some new bugs and fish to catch for the month of June. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some newcomers, as well as some fish leaving at the end of the month. Continue to our Animal Crossing New Horizons June Bugs guide to learn what you can catch this month.

Bugs Leaving at the End of June

Bugs come and go in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here is a list of all the bugs that will be leaving for a short time at the end of June:

  • Common Butterfly
  • Yellow Butterfly
  • Peacock Butterfly
  • Firefly
  • Ladybug
  • Violin Beetle
  • Pillbug
  • Centipede

New Bugs for the month of June

Some brand new bugs are making their way into the game this month, including some rare ones, and even one we already saw before back in March. Here are all the new bugs for the month of June in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Firefly
  • Drone Beetles
  • Rainbow Stag
  • Goliath Beetle
  • Mosquitos
  • Emperor Butterfly

Animal Crossing New Horizons June Bugs

Lastly, here is a look at the overall list of bugs available in June for Animal Crossing New Horizons in the Northern Hemisphere.

Name Location Time Price
Common butterfly Flying 4am – 7pm 160
Yellow butterfly Flying 4am – 7pm 160
Tiger butterfly Flying 4am – 7pm 240
Peacock butterfly Hybrid Flowers 4am – 7pm 2,500
Common bluebottle Flying 4am – 7pm 300
Paper kite butterfly Flying 8am – 7pm 1,000
Great purple emperor Flying 4am – 7pm 3,000
Emperor butterfly Flying 5pm – 8am 4,000
Agrias butterfly Flying 8am – 5pm 3,000
Rajah Brooke’s birdwing Flying 8am – 5pm 2,500
Queen Alexandra’s birdwing Flying 8am – 4pm 4,000
Moth Near Lights 7pm – 4am 130
Atlas moth On trees 7pm – 4am 3,000
Madagascan sunset moth Flying 8am – 4pm 2,500
Long locust Ground 8am – 7pm 200
Mantis Flowers 8am – 5pm 430
Orchid mantis White Flowers 8am – 5pm 2,400
Honeybee Flying 8am – 5pm 200
Wasp Shaking trees All day 2,500
Darner dragonfly Flying 8am – 5pm 230
Banded dragonfly Flying 8am – 5pm 4,500
Firefly Flying 7pm – 4am 300
Pondskater Fresh Water 8am – 7pm 130
Diving beetle Fresh Water 8am – 7pm 800
Giant water bug Fresh Water 7pm – 8am 2,000
Stinkbug Flowers All day 120
Man-faced stink bug Flowers 7pm – 8am 1,000
Ladybug Flowers 8am – 5pm 200
Tiger beetle On the ground All day 1,500
Jewel beetle Tree Stumps All day 2,400
Violin beetle Tree Stumps All day 450
Citrus long-horned beetle Tree Stumps All day 350
Rosalia batesi beetle Tree Stumps All day 3,000
Drone beetle Trees All day 200
Goliath beetle Palm Trees 5pm – 8am 8,000
Rainbow stag Trees 7pm – 8am 6,000
Bagworm Shaking trees All day 600
Ant Rotten Food All day 80
Hermit crab Looks like shells 7pm – 8am 1,000
Wharf roach Rocks at the beach All day 200
Fly Near Trash All day 60
Mosquito Flying 5pm – 4am 130
Flea On Villagers All day 70
Snail Rocks/bushes during rain All day 250
Pill bug Hitting Rocks 11pm – 4pm 250
Centipede Hitting Rocks 4pm – 11pm 300
Spider Shaking trees 7pm – 8am 480
Scorpion Ground 7pm – 4am 8,000

Check out our full Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug Guide for locations and prices.