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Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Bugs in June

Animal Crossing New Horizons June Bugs

A brand new month has arrived, which means there are some new bugs and fish to catch for the month of June. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some newcomers, as well as some fish leaving at the end of the month. Continue to our Animal Crossing New Horizons June Bugs guide to learn what you can catch this month.

Bugs Leaving at the End of June

Bugs come and go in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here is a list of all the bugs that will be leaving for a short time at the end of June:

  • Common Butterfly
  • Yellow Butterfly
  • Peacock Butterfly
  • Firefly
  • Ladybug
  • Violin Beetle
  • Pillbug
  • Centipede

New Bugs for the month of June

Some brand new bugs are making their way into the game this month, including some rare ones, and even one we already saw before back in March. Here are all the new bugs for the month of June in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Firefly
  • Drone Beetles
  • Rainbow Stag
  • Goliath Beetle
  • Mosquitos
  • Emperor Butterfly

Animal Crossing New Horizons June Bugs

Lastly, here is a look at the overall list of bugs available in June for Animal Crossing New Horizons in the Northern Hemisphere.

Common butterflyFlying4am – 7pm160
Yellow butterflyFlying4am – 7pm160
Tiger butterflyFlying4am – 7pm240
Peacock butterflyHybrid Flowers4am – 7pm2,500
Common bluebottleFlying4am – 7pm300
Paper kite butterflyFlying8am – 7pm1,000
Great purple emperorFlying4am – 7pm3,000
Emperor butterflyFlying5pm – 8am4,000
Agrias butterflyFlying8am – 5pm3,000
Rajah Brooke’s birdwingFlying8am – 5pm2,500
Queen Alexandra’s birdwingFlying8am – 4pm4,000
MothNear Lights7pm – 4am130
Atlas mothOn trees7pm – 4am3,000
Madagascan sunset mothFlying8am – 4pm2,500
Long locustGround8am – 7pm200
MantisFlowers8am – 5pm430
Orchid mantisWhite Flowers8am – 5pm2,400
HoneybeeFlying8am – 5pm200
WaspShaking treesAll day2,500
Darner dragonflyFlying8am – 5pm230
Banded dragonflyFlying8am – 5pm4,500
FireflyFlying7pm – 4am300
PondskaterFresh Water8am – 7pm130
Diving beetleFresh Water8am – 7pm800
Giant water bugFresh Water7pm – 8am2,000
StinkbugFlowersAll day120
Man-faced stink bugFlowers7pm – 8am1,000
LadybugFlowers8am – 5pm200
Tiger beetleOn the groundAll day1,500
Jewel beetleTree StumpsAll day2,400
Violin beetleTree StumpsAll day450
Citrus long-horned beetleTree StumpsAll day350
Rosalia batesi beetleTree StumpsAll day3,000
Drone beetleTreesAll day200
Goliath beetlePalm Trees5pm – 8am8,000
Rainbow stagTrees7pm – 8am6,000
BagwormShaking treesAll day600
AntRotten FoodAll day80
Hermit crabLooks like shells7pm – 8am1,000
Wharf roachRocks at the beachAll day200
FlyNear TrashAll day60
MosquitoFlying5pm – 4am130
FleaOn VillagersAll day70
SnailRocks/bushes during rainAll day250
Pill bugHitting Rocks11pm – 4pm250
CentipedeHitting Rocks4pm – 11pm300
SpiderShaking trees7pm – 8am480
ScorpionGround7pm – 4am8,000

Check out our full Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug Guide for locations and prices.

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