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While it’s certainly debatable whether the campaign or multiplayer of any given Halo game is more well-regarded, in either case it takes a crack team of voice actors to bring the characters to life, even if all they’re doing in the case of multiplayer is grunting at each other. Of course, with a series that’s been running as long as Halo has, we can only have the best of the best voicing these characters. Here’s the list of Halo Infinite voice actors.

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Halo Infinite Voice Actors

  • Steve Downes as Master Chief
  • Jen Taylor as Cortana and The Weapon
  • Darin De Paul as Escharum
  • Nicolas Roye as The Pilot
  • Jeff Steitzer as The Announcer

Steve Downes as Master Chief

Whether you know him as John, Spartan 117, or Master Chief, Halo’s longtime protagonist can always be picked out in a crowd thanks to his signature green armor and yellow visor. Chief was the guy who really made it cool to be a space marine in a video game, and part of that is the work of his longtime voice actor Steve Downes, who’s been voicing Chief since the very first Halo game. In fact, almost all of Downes’ voice acting credits are for Chief!

Jen Taylor as Cortana and The Weapon

Wherever Master Chief goes, he’s almost always followed by a trusty AI companion. For a while, that was Cortana, voiced by Jen Taylor, who was such a popular character that Microsoft named their smart assistant program after her. With Cortana out of the picture in Halo Infinite, however, the role of AI companion has been passed down to the new construct known only as “The Weapon,” also voiced by Jen Taylor.

Darin De Paul as Escharum

Cast in the role of Escharum, war chief of the primary antagonist force of Halo Infinite, the Banished, is Darin De Paul. De Paul is a veteran voice actor in the gaming industry, with a particular affinity for big dudes with deep, gravelly voices. Some of his recent voice credits include the Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers, Dr. Samuel Hayden in DOOM, and Truman Zanotto in Psychonauts 2

Nicolas Roye as The Pilot

A war effort is only fought with soldiers with guns on the ground, you also need capable personnel in the air. Luckily, Master Chief has the aid of Echo-216’s Pilot, who despite his lack of an actual name, is a major recurring character in Halo Infinite’s story. The Pilot is voiced by Nicolas Roye, who is best known for his role as Octane in Apex Legends, though he’s also done a lot of work on English dubs for popular anime series like Boruto and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jeff Steitzer as The Announcer

Of course, we can’t talk about voice talent in a Halo game without giving it up for the series’ iconic announcer, Jeff Steitzer. If you’ve ever booted up a multiplayer match and heard the word “Slayer,” that’s Steitzer, and it’s been him ever since Combat Evolved. Fun fact, Steitzer actually originally auditioned for the role of Master Chief. He didn’t get the part, but he still became a series mainstay thanks to his sharp and smooth intonations as the announcer.

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