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All Skin Cosmetic Collectible Locations in Evil West

Gotta hunt with style, right?
Evil West Map Design
Image via Flying Wild Hog

There’s a lot of hunting for not just enemies in Evil West, but for collectibles too. Be it for Upgrade purposes or for giving Jesse and his kit a new lick of paint or makeover, Evil West has a variety of pickups to either stumble on or sniff out across its 16 chapters. Here is a handy breakdown of where you can locate the Skin Cosmetics specifically.

  • Ghost Scarf located in Level 2 – Found in the treasure chest within the house where the first big brawl of the level begins outside of. Go through it and past the other door on the left to locate this treasure chest.
  • Ghost Rifle skin located in Level 5 – Instead of following the set path from where the pickup item of Agent Bloom’s Bestiary 3 that leads uphill from the left, go right instead and down a chained-up drop point.
  • Ghost Suit located in Level 6 – In the same area that has 113 Bucks in it and a chained-up wall you can punch through, look to the right to spot a TNT crate. Explode it to discover a closed off area you can duck under to get to. This is where the chest that contains this cosmetic will be.
  • Ghost Hat located in Level 7 – Is in the desolated cabin space on the left side of it. It is easily in viewpoint and not hard to notice.
  • Ghost Boomstick skin in Level 9 – Found after picking up Garrow’s Secretary Report 1. Destroy the TNT crate that will be just ahead of you. Jump down the chained-up jump point and turn right to see the chest that contains this skin.
  • Ghost Revolver skin in Level 11 – The easiest to find cosmetic chest. This will be right next to the pickup of Grey Oaks Resident Letter 2. The path to and from here is linear – it will be impossible to miss it.
  • Ghost Gauntlet skin in Level 12 – Go up the chain to get to an out of reach landing. Go all the way to the right of it to find the chest containing this.
  • Ghost Zapper in Level 14 – Located around the corner from the collectible William Rentier’s Writings 2. If you are unable to find it, try any and all corners of this tight section – it’s darkly lit and crammed in, so it can be tough to spot.

That’s all the Cosmetics you can find in Evil West! Have fun with these customisation options and with working towards fully completing its achievements list!

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