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All Sage Abilities in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Wield the Elements

The Sages in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offer similar powers to help Link in battles and traversing across the land without using resources as the Champions in Breath of the Wild. To unlock these abilities, you will need to complete multiple Main Quests corresponding to the Village where the Sage resides. These are: ‘Guidance of Ages Past’, ‘Tulin of Rito Village’, ‘Yunobo of Goron City’, ‘Riju of Gerudo Town’ and ‘Sidon of the Zora’. For those wondering what these abilities do after Link unlocks them, Vincent’s guide will outline each ability and how to summon Sages in this Gamer Journalist guide.

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All Sage Abilities in Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link has the ability to call upon some help to aid him in battle or to get around the open-world easier than relying solely on Link. Whilst these have questionable way to begin using the Sage abilities due to the fact that once you summon the Sage you will need to first interact with them in order to gain access to the actual ability. In order to begin using the ability, press ‘A’ in front of the Sage and then ‘A’ again whenever you want to use its power. The Sage will always show up close to Link whenever you are using the elemental ability so do not worry about losing them during battle or falling from a great height whilst exploring as ‘A’ will always work, regardless of where you are in the open-world.

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Sage NamesAbilities
TulinWind – A mobility boost that allows Link to swiftly move through the air in one quick motion, transforming Link into a gust of wind. Primarily helpful completing Shrines or exploring the Sky Islands.
YunoboFire – Send out a shot of fire in front of you which has a wide radius of impact. Can do damage to enemies that get hit/ stand in the flames and is great against armored enemies specifically. You can also use Yunobo to break down walls or combine his fire with Tulin’s wind to hit enemies and then fly in with the paraglider.
SidonWater – Protective barrier of water around Link to boost his defences. Can also use an attack of water slash which knocks back enemies in close range. Water is infused with all weapons you carry when Sidon is summoned. Its primary use is to negate the affect of fire should Link take any fire damage.
RijuLightning – An impact radius appears around Link signifying the lightning’s range. You want to have enemies inside the zone to bring lightning down via the use of your bow and arrow.
MineruMecha – Link is placed inside a Mecha with the ability to jetpacks, new weapons and having an increased attack and defence through Link being protected as he arms Mineru.

How to Summon Sages

Sages count as one of the Companions you can call into battle via the use of their abilities that are given to Link temporarily. Keep in mind that you can only call upon the Sages in the open-world area where enemies regularly spawn in. Sages cannot be called in safe zones such as Villages. To summon the Sages, you need to head into your Key Items where they can be found as a Sigil representing each Sage. Keep in mind that you can only call in one Sage at a time and can send them back through the same process of heading into the Key Items. You can stack these Sages abilities however but it requires you to continuously head into the Key Items to summon a new Sage and then interact with them in free roam to gain access to their ability.

That was our guide on all Sages in Tears of the Kingdom. For more TotK guides and content, be sure to see all of the latest and related over at Gamer Journalist here.

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