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All Recipes in Roblox: Raise A Floppa

Do caracals eat this stuff...?
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I’ve never even owned a regular housecat, let alone a caracal, so I haven’t the foggiest idea what kind of food would be best for them. Luckily, through the lens of Roblox’s Raise a Floppa, things like logic or nutrition don’t really matter. Just keep your Floppa fed, and it’ll be happy. Here are all of the recipes in Roblox Raise a Floppa.

All Recipes in Roblox: Raise A Floppa

In Raise a Floppa, one of the things you need to do to keep your Floppa’s happiness stat up is cook for it regularly. If you don’t feed your Floppa, its hunger will rise and its happiness will drop, leaving you with a severely upset wild animal in your home. Thankfully, cooking is super easy.

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To cook, all you need is to grab a handful of ingredients, bring them over to the oven in your home, and press E to stuff them in there. Set the oven’s temperature, wait a few seconds, and out pops a tasty treat for your Floppa. You can source ingredients from the Interwebs, so it’s just a matter of putting the right ingredients together in the right way.

Cooking for Caracals

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Here’s the complete list of recipes you can cook and their requirements:

  • Burger: Bread, Beef, Lettuce, and Tomato on Low temperature
  • Cake: Egg, Milk, Sugar, and Flour on Low temperature
  • Grilled Cheese: Bread and Cheese on High temperature
  • Mac & Cheese: Cheese, Noodles, and Milk on Medium temperature
  • Pizza: Tomato, Flour, and Cheese on Medium temperature
  • Ramen: Noodles, Egg, and Soy Sauce on Medium temperature
  • Salad: 2 Lettuce and Tomato on High temperature
  • Spaghetti: Beef, Tomato, and Noodles on Medium temperature
  • Space Soup: 2 Meteorites and 2 Almond Waters on Low temperature
  • Burnt Food: Any combination of ingredients not shown above on any temperature. Don’t make this.

Your Floppa will eat whatever you put in front of it, satiating its hunger and raising its happiness. If its happiness rises above 100%, you’ll start getting more and better rewards, so make sure to keep that caracal fed!

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