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All Potions in Potion Permit

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble ...
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In Potion Permit, the scientific world is at your fingertips! In this exciting potion crafting game, players will work to fill out an extensive list of elixirs, balms, and other such potions. But, what is this list? If you’re only just jumping into Potion Permit, it may help to see the full list of possible potions. It’s in that sentiment that we’ve compiled this full list, as well as the method to crafting each of them.

All Potions in Potion Permit

Tier 1

  • Neutralizing Herbal Balm
  • Relaxing Balm
  • Sun Drops
  • Wound Cleanser
  • Basic Serum
  • Violet Mist

Tier 2

  • Peppers Ointment
  • Cerulean Scrub
  • Alacrity Concoction
  • Popping Aid
  • Twirl Solution
  • Intermediate Serum

Tier 3

  • Cooling Spray
  • Rejuvenating Tears
  • Freezing Draught
  • Vision Ward
  • Thunder Kiss
  • Advanced Serum

Tier 4

  • Beat Reagent
  • Minty Goblet
  • Dark Tranquilizer
  • Cloud Fairy
  • Calming Wind

Special Tier

  • Angel Wine
  • Appetite Suppressor
  • Blade Tonic
  • Blue Blood
  • Bone Enhancer
  • Clear Potion
  • Draconic Temper
  • Energizer
  • Fancy Aromatic
  • Fiery Ointment
  • Fortified Bone Broth
  • Frostmite Repellent
  • Fungi Duster
  • Glowing Purified Water
  • Gunpowder
  • Heat Paste
  • Herbal Wax
  • Iris Vial
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Maggot Removal
  • Metal Rust Gel
  • Moonbrine
  • Moss Crusher
  • Pungent Draught
  • Relaxing Soother
  • Scalp Tonic
  • Slime Kisser
  • Soil Fertilizer
  • Stomach Cleanser
  • Sun Elixir
  • Sweet Crystals
  • Sweet Slumber
  • Tongue Cooler
  • Weight Enhancer
  • White Breeze

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How to Craft Potions in Potion Permit

In order to properly craft potions in Potion Permit, you’ll need to be familiar with your cauldron. In your cauldron, you’ll see a Tetris-like puzzle that will give you flashbacks to high school-level geometry. Each material will provide a different shape that you’ll need to fit into the predefined shape. Once you’ve filled in the allotted shape, you will be allowed to begin brewing the potion.

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