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Best Ways to Earn Money in Potion Permit

Its all about the money
upgrading in Potion Permit
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As with most things in life and games, you need money to make it happen. Potion Permit is no exception. and to make matters a little worse, the game doesn’t really tell you how to make money or give you tips on ways to get cash fast if all you’re missing is a few hundred gold to complete your next task or upgrade a tool or aspect of your shop. Luckily this quick guide will give you all the information you need. Here is the best ways to earn money in Potion Permit.

Treating the sick Villagers

The most obvious way to earn money of course would just be to do your job. You are the town pharmacist now after all. Depending on how bad the symptoms are and how many ailments you are treating, you make more per patient. The tricky part is you can’t exactly depend on this method if you’re trying to get a certain amount of coin within a restricted or desired frame of time. Sick patients are random and their monetary value is as well. You may go a few days without a patient so while this is the most straightforward, it is sadly also the least dependable.

Doing Quests and Completing Tasks

This is also an obvious, but sometimes not reliable method. Not every task will result in you being paid. However, every board request you find in Town Hall will pay you a decent sum for completing and turning in the requested items to the dropbox outside of Town Hall. Once again as well you can complete tasks and not have any more appear on the quest board for a while and there are only so many tasks asked of you by so many villagers. This revenue will and can eventually run dry just when you need some more cash for your next upgrade.

Working Part-Time Jobs

There are three part-time work jobs you can find and do just about any time throughout the town of Moonbury. As long as the buildings are open you can do each job once a day. Each job pays 125 gold and costs you 2 hours in the day. It seems tedious but you can always do it so if you really need the cash and are out of options, 375 guaranteed gold a day can add up favorably.

You can either go and complete any of the 3 mini-games below:

  • Go to the Church and to a rapid button pressing mini-game to crush 10 sets of grapes
  • Go to the Police Station and sort 20 bottles of ink into 2 different piles
  • Go to the Mailroom in Town Hall to fold 7 boxes using an arrow matching mini-game

Selling Potions

Most likely the most lucrative option to be sure in the game. Just be wary of the time it takes to make and sell these potions and keep an eye on your materials. Yes eventually a little ways down the line in the game you will be granted a Drop Box next to your house and able to send back potions to the capital for a profit. It is the fastest way to make money, but if you’re not careful you will suffer drawbacks. Just keep in mind that if you use all your ingredients on these potions you sell, and don’t stock back up quickly, you will not have the materials needed for the potions you need in order to take of sick patients when they do arrive. Just always keep up with your stock.

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